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Cover Reveal - Firebird by Alice La Roux

Title - Firebird
Genre - Romance
Release date- 20th April 2018
Cover designer – The Graphics Shed
#rebellion #romance #caged  #steamy #April20th

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Being a King isn't easy.
When a rebel group threatens the family business, Golden Apple Incorporated, Seraphina King must step up to the plate. Her father keeps her on a tight leash, a prized possession locked away in a gilded cage. In desperation he grants her the freedom to find those who want to harm them, but nothing is as it seems. People are going missing, women are turning up dead and then there’s her renegade stalker. The maverick with the emerald green eyes who always seems to be in the middle of things. Sera doesn’t know who to trust or what to believe.
What happens when the golden apple is rotten?

About the author:
Alice La Roux is a dirty minded, mouthy Welsh author who is still trying to find her genre while dabbling in erotica, fantasy and horror. She’s a bookworm who reads anything and everything and is addicted to social media. She’s happily married to her wonderful husband and loves her lazy little dog. She’s always written but never considered being a writer until she realised she couldn’t live without a pen in her hand.

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Review - You Can Lead A Horse To Murder by Tara Meyers

You Can Lead A Horse to Murder (Secrets of Sanctuary Cozy Mysteries Book 1)Title: You Can Lead A Horse To Murder
Author: Tara Mayers
Series: Secret of Sanctuary Cozy Mystery
Pages: 181
Release Date: March 12th 2018
Genre: Mystery
Publisher: Forest Grove Books
Source: ARC
Format: ebook
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Synopsis: There’s a killer in Sanctuary, and the prime suspect is a horse.

When spirited Ember Burns is led back home to open her own veterinary practice, her first client lands her in the middle of a mystery. It starts as a desire for Ember to clear her name, and turns into a personal entanglement in a rapidly unfolding story of lies and deceit. 

The small mountain town of Sanctuary has always had its secrets. Who can be trusted? It’s been ten years since Ember lived there but roots run deep. Discerning friend from foe isn’t an easy task. 
Relying on her intelligence and instinct, Ember tries to piece the clues together as the town gears up for its centennial celebration. 

From the quaint historic shops, to the rugged mountains surrounding them, Ember works to unveil the true culprit before they get away with murder.

My Review: Ember Burns is the new vet in her home town of Sanctuary, she took over the practice from Dr Bernie Chambers who has recently retired and is planning on moving to Florida.

Ember left Sanctuary ten years ago to go to veterinary school to study to become a vet and to get away from the small town and she ended up staying away, but when her mother dies she comes back for the funeral and with a little push from her Aunt Becky she decides to stay.

After paying off all the funeral bills and her school fees Aunt Becky encourages her to take Dr Chambers offer at buying the clinic which she does instead of returning to her internship.

While Ember is setting up the clinic ready to be opened her Aunt drops by with Ember's three cousins, 14 year old Elizabeth and her ten year old twin Bret and Tim. Ember's Aunt runs an animal rescue centre and she takes in some of the rescue animals as well as placing them in forever homes, as well as bringing her children Becky bring a cute labradoodle that Becky and her children try to convince Ember to take in but Ember doesn't think that its a good idea as she doesn't believe she has the time to look after the dog and get her clinic ready for opening but she takes her in and names her Daenerys.

While Aunt Becky is at the clinic she gets a distressing call from Bonnie Hathaway who own's a farm with her husband and they have recently taken in a horse that Becky had rescued, this call ends up with Ember getting her first client.

While out at Hathaway Farm Ember attends to the distressed horse and once they have the horse somewhat settled a phone ring's from inside the barn and they find Tom lying dead in the stall.

Ember and Daenerys go on hikes together and she meets Nathan a park ranger who seems to have a thing for her and she also goes on dates with a new guy in town Sean. I liked these two guys Nathan seemed lovely and Sean was kind of weird with his hot and cold attitude with Ember but I just figured he was just hung up on his ex wife.

Ember has to try and convince the sheriff and everyone else that the horse didn't kill Tom and while doing so she puts herself in danger.

I really loved this story and I spent most of my time reading it trying to figure out what was going to happen next and who the murderer was but each time I guessed wrong. I was convinced from the start that it was one guy but I was wrong it was a total shock that I never guessed it right before the end of the book which in my opinion makes it a great murder mystery story.

I loved Ember's Aunt Becky she seems like a feisty woman and she has the sheriff wrapped around her little finger, anything she want's him to do he does. Maybe this is a hint at a future fling even though Becky is currently married. I guess we will have to wait and see.

**I received this book for an honest review**

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Cover Reveal - You Can Lead A Horse To Murder by Tara Meyers

You Can Lead A Horse to Murder (Secrets of Sanctuary Cozy Mysteries Book 1)

There’s a killer in Sanctuary, and the prime suspect is a horse.

When spirited Ember Burns is led back home to open her own veterinary practice, her first client lands her in the middle of a mystery. It starts as a desire for Ember to clear her name, and turns into a personal entanglement in a rapidly unfolding story of lies and deceit. 

The small mountain town of Sanctuary has always had its secrets. Who can be trusted? It’s been ten years since Ember lived there but roots run deep. Discerning friend from foe isn’t an easy task. 
Relying on her intelligence and instinct, Ember tries to piece the clues together as the town gears up for its centennial celebration. 

From the quaint historic shops, to the rugged mountains surrounding them, Ember works to unveil the true culprit before they get away with murder.

Ember jerked awake, springing up in her bed and blinking at the thick darkness. For a moment, she wasn’t sure where she was, and then the past month’s events came rushing back. The outline of her bedroom window came into focus, the curtains somewhat illuminated by a bright moon. It was her old bedroom. Home.

Her cell phone buzzed from its spot on the nightstand, casting its own blue light into the space before erupting with sound. The ring tone was a harsh one, meant to grab Ember’s attention so she wouldn’t miss a call. It worked.

Rubbing at her eyes, she snatched the phone up, worried that something was wrong with Becky or a member of her family. Who else would be calling in the middle of the night? Glancing down at the painfully bright screen, she saw that it was just past 2am, and it was an unknown caller.

“Hello?” Her voice was harsh. She didn’t appreciate the scare for what was likely a wrong number.

“Is this Doctor Burns?” The man’s voice was filled with urgency.

“Yes …” Ember answered, cautious. “I’m Doctor Burns. How did you get this number? Who is this?”

“I’m sorry to wake you, but I have an emergency with a foaling mare. Mrs. Stratton gave me your number. There isn’t time for pleasantries, but I’m Morton Ellsworth. I understand you live at the Burns’ place out on Crystal Lake? This mare doesn’t have much time, Dr. Burns.”

Jumping from the bed, Ember displaced Daenerys, who she didn’t even notice was curled up alongside her legs. The dog had started out the night in her own bed on the floor but must have decided at some point to join her.

Pinching the phone between her chin and shoulder, Ember yanked on her blue jeans that had been cast onto the floor a few hours before.


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Review - Infected by Tara Ellis

Infected: The Shiners (Forgotten Origins Trilogy #1)Title: Infected
Author: Tara Ellis
Series: Forgotten Origins
Pages: 241
Release Date: March 28th 2013
Genre: SciFi
Source: Amazon
Format: eBook
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Synopsis: An alien plague. A sixteen-year-old girl. A fight to save the world. 

When a rare meteor shower unleashes a mind-altering infection, the people Alex loves begin to change. They’re smarter, faster, emotionless, and they have a plan. One that doesn’t include her. 

Guided by cryptic clues left behind by her deceased father, Alex follows a trail of increasingly shocking discoveries. Earth’s history isn’t what she learned in school, and a new hive mind threatens to rewrite the future. 

Alex is a fighter, but pursued by both friends and an unknown enemy, it will take everything she has to fulfill her destiny. Desperate to save her little brother, she flees to the mountains surrounding her home, where the only chance for humanity has lain hidden for thousands of years. 

WINNER, Reader's Favorite Book Awards, 2015, Honorable Mention, YA scifi FINALIST, Young Adult Finalist in the IAN Book Awards, 2015 

Infected, The Shiners is book one in the Forgotten Origins Trilogy

My Review: When a virus hits Washington during a meteor shower, many people get sick with flu like symptoms, some just get sick, some die and the virus rapidly spreads around the world.

The story tells of a 16 year old girl Alex who ends up on a journey to find the cure for the virus. Her mum gets sick so Alex is left to look after her mum and younger brother Jake.

Needing food shopping Alex goes to the grocery store and she meets a boy from school named Chris, he seems to be okay just like Alex and Jake. They talk for a while and they realise how many people actually got sick.

When the sick ones start to get better they all act strangely, Alex finds a book that was left to her by her dad who somehow knew about the virus arriving on the meteor shower, with the help of Chris, Jake and their loyal dog Baxter Alex solves the riddle in the book and in her dreams which lead her out of town to her dads friend who tells them about the secret society that her dad was in, he also tells Alex how she is supposed to go about curing the world of the virus.

The problem in before leaving for her dad friends house her mum injects Jake with the virus and he starts to get sick and while they are trying to find the right spot they get ambushed and Chris gets shot, leaving them behind Alex goes to great lengths to fulfil her destiny and cure the world.

The ending was great and I am curious as to what happens next, I cannot wait to get started on Heritage.

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Review - Dare to Dream by Betty Jo Schuler

Dare to DreamTitle: Dare to Dream
Author: Betty Jo Schuler
Pages: 28
Release Date: March 15th 2012
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Books We Love ltd
Source: Amazon
Format: eBook
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Synopsis: In Betty Jo Schuler's young adult novel Dare to Dream, published by Books We Love, Kaitlin Thomas's best friend Melinda Vest is beautiful with skin the color of coffee ice cream. Tall for eleven, she walks with her shoulders thrown back like she owns the world and plans to become a model. Vanilla, plain, and shy, Kait doesn't have enough self-confidence to walk down the aisle in her own mother's wedding. Add an adorable, mod stepsister-to-be, who's also in the wedding, and the mix gets scarier. A pesky boy, Izzy Bean, taunts Kait into signing up at Star Modeling, where she gains poise. Then she wins a Dream Wedding for her mom and Vic Margola.

When Kaitlin Thomas finally overcomes her shyness, she's forced to do it in front of the whole world, but her best friend Melinda cheers her on as she finally dares to dream.

My Review: Kaitlin's mum is about to remarry and she wants Kaitlin to be a flower girl but Kaitlin thinks she is to old and she is also super shy and doesn't want the guests staring at her, her mum promotes her to junior bridesmaid hoping that this will change Kaitlin's mind about being in the wedding party but it doesn't.

Kaitlin's friend Mel convinces her to join her in auditioning for a modeling agency, she is unsure at first but when she starts being taunted by an annoying boy she signs up and joining the agency helps to give her a bit more courage.

While shopping Kaitlin signs up to win a dream wedding for her mum which she regrets straight away but its to late and she ends up winning.

This short story shows that being shy and nervous is okay and that if you put your mind to it you can overcome them.

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Review - Saving Rapunzel by Jamie Campbell

Saving Rapunzel (Fairy Tales Retold, #2)Title: Saving Rapunzel
Author: Jamie Campbell
Series: Fairy Tales Retold
Pages: 31
Release Date: May 25th 2013
Genre: Fiction
Source: Amazon
Format: eBook
Buy it: Amazon
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Synopsis: Please note: this is a novelette. Flash fiction is a fun and quick read, not a full length novel.

History is told from one person's perspective. Sometimes they don't get it right.

The witch of the tower has been portrayed as being mean and evil spirited for too long. Now it is time for her to tell her side of the story.

While Rapunzel laments her imprisonment in a tower, the witch Thalia tries to convince her it's for her own good. Afraid to go outside, Thalia fears the knights are coming to harm them.

When a persistent man continues to speak to Rapunzel, Thalia knows she must do something to stop him getting to her. With her hair growing longer, it will only be a matter of time before he can reach her.

Vowing to keep a promise she made sixteen years earlier, Thalia makes a decision that could ruin the kingdom forever.

Revisit the charming tale of Rapunzel as told from the perspective of the witch who kept her captive.

My Review: This spin on Rapunzel is told from the witches point of view who turns out isn't actually a witch at all.

Thalia is awoken one night by the Queen and asked to take Rapunzel and hide her away as the kingdom is under attack, not wanting to refuse the Queen's request she packs a few items and leaves.

While running Thalia finds the famous tower deep in the forest and she locks herself in it and everyday she watches out of the window for the Queens signal so they she can return with Rapunzel to the castle.

Sixteen years later Thalia is still looking out for the signal that doesn't come and Rapunzel wants so desperately to go outside but Thalia tells her how unsafe it is and that they must stay inside.

One day when Rapunzel is hold up in her room Thalia goes outside of the tower to see if it is safe and while she wonders through the forest she sees men on horses whom she believes are dangerous and she returns to the tower.

Later on while she is tending to the indoor vegetable garden she hears Rapunzel talking to someone and she punishes Rapunzel by locking her in her room, days later after promising not to do it again Thalia catches Rapunzel talking to him again but she doesn't let on this time and while Rapunzel is asleep she cuts her hair off and locks Rapunzel in her bedroom.

Thalia throws Rapunzel's have out of the window and waits for the man comes again and this time when he comes he climbs up the hair, feeling threatened Thalia prays that the hair holds up long enough for the man to high enough that when she loosens the hair he falls and is injured.

Rapunzel cannot believe what her 'mother' has done, this is when Thalia comes clean and tells Rapunzel the whole truth about who she is and who her parents are, after telling her the truth they return to the castle where the Queen is happy to see her daughter is alive and well and they both learn that the man was actually a Prince who is mean't to marry Rapunzel to help bring harmony to the kingdom.

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Review - Single-Handed by Veronica Blade

Single-Handed (Single Girls, #1)Title: Single-Handed
Author: Veronica Blade
Series: Single Girls
Pages: 23
Release Date: April 10th 2012
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Crush Publishing
Source: Amazon
Format: eBook
Buy it: Amazon
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Synopsis: Alex single-handedly takes down a bully. A safer school has its perks, but what else did the years of martial arts training get her? Not a prom date, that’s for sure. With only a few weeks left before the big day, can she stop the tough act long enough for the boy of her dreams to see she’s still just a girl?


injuliesopinion on From Fame to Shame "In summary, I wholeheartedly recommend this book to all lovers of YA contemporary fiction, and it is going on my list of favorite books of 2012!"

cafeofdreamsbookreviews on A Bite's Tale "A Bite's Tale is such an enjoyable, fun, addicting and absorbing tale that once I began reading, I didn't want to stop."

whatsyourstorybookreviews on Something Witchy This Way Comes “This book is delicious!”

My Review: Alex is different than the other girls in her school and feared by everyone because she single-handedly stopped a bully from picking on a fellow student all thanks to her martial arts skills.

Alex's school might now be safe from bullies as they are scared that Alex will get them back but all the boys are too scared to ask her out and this bothers her, she doesn't want to go to prom alone.

Alex's best friend decides to take matters into her own hands and sets her up on a coffee date with the cute new boy at school Tommy, while they are on their date it seems to go well although Alex isn't sure Tommy likes her enough to want to date her.

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Review - Cinderella is Evil by Jamie Campbell

Cinderella Is Evil (Fairy Tales Retold, #1)Title: Cinderella is Evil
Author: Jamie Campbell
Series: Fairy Tales Retold
Pages: 30
Release Date: March 27th 2013
Genre: Fiction
Source: Amazon
Format: eBook
Buy it: Amazon
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Synopsis: History is told from one person’s perspective. Sometimes they don’t get it right.

Ugly Stepsister Anna has wrongly been accused of being mean and evil. Now it is time she got the opportunity to tell her side of the story.

With Cinderella so perfect and wonderful, it is no wonder Anna feels ugly in comparison. Dealing with bullies, a grumpy mother and the death of her step-father, Anna is at her wits end.

When the Prince’s ball approaches, Anna is told she must find a husband to save the family fortune. Attending with her sisters, the sulky Prince Charming only has eyes for Cinderella.

With the burden of being the only one to unite her step-sister with the Prince, will Anna act as cupid? Or will she protect Cinderella from the arrogant Charming?

A charming twist to the story of Cinderella, told completely from the point of view of the Ugly Step-Sister.

My Review: This classic fairy tale has retold from Cinderella's step-sister Anna point of view.

In this version Anna makes it clear that Cinderella chose to do all the chores and ran around after her step-mother and sisters to keep her mind off losing her father.

When they are invited to the ball Anna tells that her mother wants one of her daughters to catch the Prince's eyes so that their money worries are solved, Anna tells it that all three girls are invited to the ball but Cinderella doesn't want to go.

After being told she is ugly and worthless Anna throws herself at the Prince who is rude and horrible to her, this leaves Anna embarrassed and she leaves and sits in the carriage where she sulks.

While in the carriage she sees Cinderella with the Prince and then sees Cinderella running away and leaving her shoe, so when the Prince goes looking for Cinderella Anna debates if she should tell Cinderella what the Prince is really like but decides against it and so Cinderella ends up with the Prince.

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Review - Intuition by Jen Meyers

IntuitionTitle: Intuition
Author: Jen Meyers
Series: Intangible
Pages: 22
Release Date: November 3rd 2011
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: J. Meyers
Source: Amazon
Format: Kindle
Buy it: Amazon
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Synopsis: Intuition: A Bonus Intangible Short Story

Luke and his twin sister Sera have unusual abilities. Hers is a gift—she can heal with a touch of her hand. His is a curse—he can see the future but he can’t do anything about it.

On a hike up the mountain, Luke has a vision unlike any other—one that leaves him terrified. Knowing that it will come true—and that he must do everything in his power to stop it—leaves his own future uncertain.

My Review: Intuition is the prequel to Jen Meyers Intangible trilogy. I got this book for free on Amazon.

This story is short but there is plenty of adventure and magic. It is only a sneak peak into the lives of Luke and Sera but you can see why Luke feels like his gift isn't so much a gift but a curse.

The twins had only planned on going for a hike so that they could be themselves and not have to hide who they are when something happens preventing them from continuing their hike.

This short has left me wanting more so I plan on eventually reading the whole series.

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Review - A Summer Thing by Stella Wilkinson

A Summer Thing (Four Seasons Set, #3)Title: A Summer Thing
Author: Stella Wilkinson
Series: Four Seasons
Pages: 47
Release Date: May 4th 2016
Genre: Romance
Source: Amazon
Format: eBook
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Synopsis: Oliver said he got lucky over the summer and produced photos of Chloe to prove it - Except it was a lie.

The pictures were real and the girl was real. But Chloe wasn’t in love with him at all, in fact she didn’t even like him - and now she was transferring to his school…

Could he convince her to forgive him and go along with his story? Or was his reputation about to bite the dust?

A young adult romantic comedy novella.

The Seasonal Romance Set is a story for every season by Stella Wilkinson. Books are all stand alone rather than a series and can be read in any order. Suitable for age 12+

My Review: Oliver and his family go to Egypt for the summer where they meet another family and the adults become friends forcing their children to be friends.

Oliver's parent's force him to hang out with their new friends daughter as they are the same age, the problem is  Oliver thinks she is boring so he isn't very nice to her but she burns really easily so she covers up and this causes her to sweat a lot and she ends up with spots.

Back at home Oliver finds himself back at school where he tells his friends that he got lucky with Chloe over the summer and he shows his friends pictures to prove she really exists, good job she doesn't live close by or go to his school right.... WRONG.

Chloe's family end up moving close by and Chloe goes to the same school as Oliver, Oliver has to come clean to Chloe about what he told his friends, only when he goes to see her she is completely different and he realises that he misjudged her.

Will Chloe play along and pretend to be Oliver's girlfriend? Well you will just have to read it and find out.

This short story is full of romance as well as mixed feelings.

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Review - The Girl with the Green-Tinted Hair by Gavin Whyte

The Girl with the Green-Tinted HairTitle: The Girl with the Green-Tinted Hair
Author: Gavin Whyte
Pages: 80
Release Date: February 15th 2015
Genre: Fable
Publisher: Being Books
Source: Amazon
Format: eBook
Buy it: Amazon
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Synopsis: There is a season for everything.

If you enjoyed Antoine de Saint-Exupery's The Little Prince, then you'll love this. 

Described as, "Moving", "Uplifting", and "Enlightening", The Girl with the Green-Tinted Hair is a spiritual fable about personal growth and about seeing how truly magical life is. 

When a boy finds a girl singing and dancing under his favourite tree he didn't realise he had been chosen to be the one-off witness to something out of this world. The boy is shown how to live in joy and is reminded of how to pursue his life's calling. His fear of ageing is overcome and dying is no longer what it seems - all because of the girl with the green-tinted hair. 

In this truly comforting tale of wonder and intrigue, which has been called a "hidden gem", we discover for ourselves how to live in harmony with that which is forever flowing; that which we call life.

My Review: This story is about a young boy who meets a girl and the changes that they go through within a year.

The main character is only referred to as 'the boy', the boy doesn't have any friends so he talks to a tree asking for advice as he knows it will always be there but he doesn't get any answers.

The boy was lonely and desperately wants a friend, what he doesn't know is the tree has been listening to his plea.

The tree sends him a girl who changes with the seasons first a child, then a teenager, adult and finally an elder and each one teaches the boy something new and to live life to the fullest.

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Review - Moorehead Manor by David McMullen-Sullivan

Moorehead Manor (Moorehead Manor #1)Title: Moorehead Manor
Author: David McMullen-Sullivan
Series: Moorehead Manor
Pages: 47
Release Date: 7th February 2013
Genre: Horror
Publisher: lulu. com
Source: Amazon
Format: eBook
Buy it: Amazon
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Synopsis: Three teenagers stumble into a haunted mansion that traps them in a deadly nightmare. In order to escape alive, they must uncover the house's dark secrets of murder and prejudice.

My Review: This was a nice short story, it was a little slow to start with but once it started there was plenty of action.

I don't normally read horror books but it was free on Amazon so I decided to get it and I ended up enjoying it.

The story was creepy and that made it a good read and I got the next book in the series as I want to know what happens next to the teenagers.

The story had a nice twist at the end and the dark secret that the house hides turned out to be a sad story and it made me feel sorry for Alice the young spirit who is trapped in the house.

The teenagers struggle to get out of the house after going in after a prized baseball, the evil spirit traps them inside, Alice is scared of one of the spirits and I would be too if he did what he did to me.

If you like an old-fashioned ghost story this is the book for you, it can be read as a stand alone and it works as a nice quick read for anyone who wants something good and quick to read.

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2018 Goals

I know we are now in the middle of February but I haven’t really done any update posts this year as I’ve had to many things going on, so Happy New Year I hope you all had a good Christmas and I hope that your year is getting off to a nice start, if it’s not then just keep telling yourself there’s still 10 more months left in 2018 things can only get better.

Like a few things on my blog, I first found a certain topic post on my cousins blog (Loaded Shelves) and then I decide that it sounds fun and I would also do it, wither that be a challenge or just a post like this one (Here’s her post).

I saw the post a while back and I though oh, I should do that I never set proper goals just like most of you and I’m even worse at keeping them if I do but I do like to have something to aim for, I know that these goals are just something for me to aim towards so I won’t get upset or disappointed if I don’t manage to stick to them although I will find a way to reward myself at the end of the year if I manage to achieve them all.

Here is what I'm working towards this year, both book related and none bookrelated!

I have found myself at the end of 2017 and these last two months just scrolling through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter reading people's posts or watching videos people have posted. I know that I can't delete my social media accounts as it's the only way I can talk to the people I talk to when I'm feeling low and my main way of getting in touch with authors. I believe though that if I hadn’t spent so much time needlessly scrolling I could have fitted in a few more books or I could have read bigger books over short stories.

At the start of 2017 I set my Goodreads goal to 52 as I wanted to read a book a week but by March/April I was way behind so I changed it to 35, then in November when I ended up moving back to mums I just stopped reading so at the end of November I had only read 22/23 so books I changed it to 30 just because I didn’t want to epically fail the challenge, still I didn’t expecting to read 30 books I thought I would be one or two short but I managed to read 33 so I wish I had left it at 35 now and just failed it. This year I have set it at 35 so when I see it saying "You are x books behind" it will hopefully motivate me to read more. I am currently on track with 3/35 read so far this year.
95% of my books are still packed away so I have decided that because I have been getting books from the free section on Amazon every few months for the last 5/6 years (I have nearly 3 thousand of them) I am going to read some of them this year along with finally reading the Harry Potter and Twilight series.

Buying Books
Believe it or not I hardly bought any books last year and I plan on doing it again this year. I do have some pre-ordered and I will be buying any that I need to finish a series I've been reading as well as any written by Jessica Brody and Alyson Noel as I have all their others (Not all of them have been read though). Now I have quit my job this goal will be much easier to achieve seeing as the money I will be getting will have to go towards bills and important things, this year is all about getting my TBR list down and not adding to it.

Weight Loss
This one might be a big problem for me as I love my food and I am super lazy but in November 2016 I had medical gym pass and from the November to about March 2017 and I managed to go from 72kgs to 68kg, then in September last year I signed up for the gym and was going regularly and I got down to 65kg I even started going swimming and now that I have moved I haven’t been going to the gym but I do want to lose some more weight I just need to find some motivation to get out of the house maybe I will grab my iPad and my iPod and walk along the beach sit and read for a while and then walk home, maybe I could even take my sister and her friend with me and they can play one the beach.

Enjoy Our Home
Cazz on Loaded shelves is right this does sound crazy but now I'm living back at my mums I'm trying to save money too so that I can move out, so I'm stealing her idea of staying at home more and doing jigsaws and playing board games (I have monopoly and Cluedo) with the siblings maybe play more Sims 3 and 4 seeing as I have all of the sims 3 and most of the sims 4 and these are things that are not going to cost me. I also plan on reading, writing more and catching up on some films too and I can finally get round to watching all the box sets that I have.

Getting A Job
I quit a job today because after travel costs (£30 a week and a 45ish mile journey twice a week) I hardly had any money left over after giving my mum rent money and paying my bills and getting essentials. So I signed on to the job centre so that I have some money coming in while I find a job that is closer to home and one that I actually enjoy.

Spending More Time With The Ones I Love
I had been living quite far from my friends and family for the last three years meaning that I only ever spoke to them over social media or on the rare occasions that I could afford to go and visit them, I miss cinema visits with my cousin, spending time with my niece and nephew and watching films or playing games with my little sister. So from now on I want to spend more time with my family maybe make it a regular thing with my cousin for cinema trips maybe every month or two, I’ll take my brother, sister, niece and nephew to the beach or park once a week (when the weather gets nicer anyway).

So these are my goals I will try and keep you updated on them when I can. I've not made any goals to keep blogging & post reviews etc - 2018 is about putting less pressure on myself. Of course I will still be posting reviews and I have a few release blitz posts that will be coming up soon but I am trying to sort my life out right now.

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