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My Interview with Alyson Noel

I had the pleasure to be able to interview #1 NYT Best-selling author Alyson Noel about her novels.

1. Where are you from?
Orange County, CA

2. When and why did you begin writing?
I began writing poems and short stories in high school to help me cope with my difficult adolescence. Several years later, I was working as a New York City based flight attendant, travelling the world and writing my debut novel, Faking 19, during long weather delays and boring layovers—basically whenever and wherever I could find a free moment to spare! Shortly after 9-11, I decided to get serious about my writing and focus on it full time. Two and a half years later I made my first sell to St. Martin’s Press, and I’ve been writing for them ever since.

3. Did you always want to be an author?
Well first I wanted to be a mermaid, and then a princess, but the day I finished my first Judy Blume book I knew I wanted to be a writer. I was always an avid reader, starting with “Green Eggs and Ham”, and progressing through “
Charlotte’s Web”, and all the Little House on the Prairie books. But it was “Are you there God? It’s me Margaret, and Deenie”, that felt like they were written just for me, and my friends, and all the things we were going through. Those books made me realize how a story could be a transcendent experience.

4. How long each day/week do you dedicate to writing?
I write from about
10AM – 7PM with small breaks in between, and I keep to this routine pretty much every day, including weekends and holidays. Mostly because I have pretty tight deadlines, and writing everyday helps me to stay in character.

5. What do you do when you’re not writing?
Even after spending way too many years as a flight attendant, my number one hobby is still travel. My travel size shampoo bottles are always filled up and ready to go on a moment’s notice. I also enjoy reading, going to movies, the beach, visiting with friends, art museums, fancy dinners with my husband . . . the usual things!

6. In your spare time what do you like to read?
I’ve been so busy reading books for research that I haven’t had a lot of time for recreational reading, but a few that I did manage to sneak in this year were: “Cryer’s Cross” by Lisa McMannn, “Where She Went” by Gayle Forman, “Room” by Emma Donoghue, and “Heart Shaped Box” by Joe Hill, “The Hunt” by Andrew Fukuda (in stores in May 2012), and “Please Ignore Vera Dietz” by AS King—all great reads

7. What are you reading at the moment?
Right now I’m reading a book on shamanism—more research for my new Soul Seekers series!

8. If you could work with any author, who would it be and why?
There are so many authors I admire for so many reasons, but for me, writing is a solitary endeavor, I don’t think I could actually work with anyone else.

9. When you were younger who was your favourite author?
I learned to read with “Horton Hatches the Egg” by Dr. Seuss, and I still own the original! I even wrote my name on the inside cover, (though the S is backwards). “
Charlotte’s Web” is the first book that ever made me cry (I mean, I was sobbing!), and I think I’ve read “Deenie” at least 15 times (and I kept the original copy of that one as well)! Later, in high school, when I read JD Salinger’s “Catcher in the Rye”, it confirmed that I wanted to write. I had a tough adolescence and Holden’s struggles and feeling of isolation made me feel less alone in dealing with mine.

10. I assume, since you released The Immortal Series you have received a lot of tulips from your readers. Are they your favourite flowers if not do you have a favourite?
I love red tulips and I’m always so amazed by the kindness and generosity of my readers! And while tulips are definitely among my favourites, I also love orchids, peonies, lilies, roses, hydrangeas . . .

11. If you got asked to turn the Immortal Series into a Movie or T.V. Show which novel would you?
I’d be thrilled to see any of the books come to life on TV or the big screen! And I’m excited to share that the dramatic rights have been optioned to Summit Entertainment in a 10-book deal for the Immortals series and its spinoff, the Riley Bloom series!

12. What inspired you to write your novel and Immortals and Riley Bloom?
A few years ago, I went through a period of intense grief where I lost three people I loved in five horrible months, and then almost lost my husband to leukemia and it felt like my entire world was crashing down (he’s in full remission now). Going through those tough times got me thinking a lot about life and death, mortality and immortality, the soul’s journey, and how we can still feel a bond with our loved ones even long after they’re gone, and since I’ve always been interested in all things paranormal, I started doing a lot of research on reincarnation, near-death experiences, etc., and Ever and Damen’s story was born from there.

I had so much fun writing Riley’s character in Evermore that she ended up getting a much bigger part than I’d planned. She just kept showing up—usually in some crazy costume and wig—and I kept allowing it because she was great to have around. So when my publisher approached me to write an Immortals spin-off series featuring Riley, I jumped at the chance, and I’m so glad I did because writing her series has been an absolute blast!

13. How do you come up with your story ideas?
Most of my stories are based on personal experience—I steal from my own life all the time, and my motto is: If it didn’t kill me, I will find a way to write about it!

14. Are you planning on writing anymore after Soul Seekers?
Definitely! I have folders filled with story ideas I can’t wait to get to!

15. Can you tell us anything about Soul Seekers?
Of course! Here’s the blurb:
#1 NYT Bestselling author Alyson Noël paints a magical new landscape in the first book of The Soul Seekers series—a spirit world between the living and dead where fate and passion collide.

At the centre of it all is Daire Santos, a 16-year-old girl whose life has taken a bizarre turn— animals follow her, crows mock her, glowing people appear out of nowhere—and the disturbing visions are getting worse. Sent to stay with her grandmother in the dusty plains of Enchantment,
New Mexico, it is there that Daire learns of her true calling as a Soul Seeker—one who can navigate between the worlds of the living and the dead. Now she must embrace her fate and find out if Dace, the boy in her dreams, is her one true love...or if he is allied with the enemy she is destined to destroy.

Every six months brings a new Soul Seekers novel: look for Echo, Mystic, and Horizon in 2012/13. Foreign rights have already been sold to the UK, Germany, France, Greece, & Brazil—with many more to come!

16. You have wrote a lot of books which is your favourite and why?
The book I’m working on at the moment is usually my favourite. I just recently finished Fated, the first book in my new Soul Seekers series, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone when it’s released on
May 22, 2012!

17. If you could do it over again, is there anything you would change in your last book?
No. Everlasting is the ending I’d always envisioned for Damen and Ever—I wouldn’t change a thing!

18. In the Immortal Series, who is your favourite character and why?
Ever is definitely my favourite. It may sound corny, but I really enjoyed watching her transform from the grief-stricken, insecure, young girl she was in Evermore, to the strong and confident young woman ready to confront her destiny she became in Everlasting!

19. When writing about something you don’t know about where do you get your information from?
The research was, and continues to be, one of the best parts of the writing process! It’s the perfect excuse to study the subjects I’ve always been interested in. So anytime I’m lying on the couch reading a book about psychic phenomenon, or watching a documentary on near death experiences, I can honestly say, “Don’t bother me, I’m working!”
I’ve read a ton of books on ghosts, psychics, near death experiences, past lives, auras, chakras, crystals, reincarnation—you name it! But aside from all the book reading, Internet searching, and documentary watching, I also took a three-day psychic development seminar with world famous medium and best-selling author, James Van Praagh, and it was absolutely fascinating! He had us engaging in all sorts of meditations and psychic exercises, and I must say the results really exceeded my expectations—I was blown away! I also underwent several sessions of past-life hypnosis, which turned out to be completely fascinating!

20. For you what is the easiest part of the book to write?
The dedication and acknowledgement pages.

21. And the hardest?
Everything in between the dedication and acknowledgement pages!

22. How do you choose the names for your books and characters?
I love names, especially unusual ones, and I collect them in a little something I like to call “My Unusual Names File” (I’m big on keeping files!). So every time I hear a new one, I add it to the collection, then when I start a new book, I search through the list and pick and choose among them.

23. Have you ever gotten rid of a character or changed a character in a book before publishing and then regretted it?

24. You have wrote novels and series which do you prefer?
I wrote 7 stand-alone novels prior to The Immortals series, and as much as I enjoyed them, at the moment, I’m hooked writing series!

25. Why did you change to writing series instead of novels and will you go back to writing novels?
When I first wrote Evermore I was so focused on telling that particular story that I didn’t see it as the start of a series until I reached the end and realized it was really just the beginning of a much bigger journey. And while I would definitely like to write more stand-alones someday, for the moment, I’m keeping busy with The Soul Seekers series.

26. What advice would you give to someone who “ran out of creativity” while writing?
To take a short break, get outside, visit with friends, go to the mall and people watch . . . and then get back to it. I believe it all comes down to what I like to call B.I.C. (“Butt in Chair”) it’s really the only way to get from the beginning to The End. Because the truth is, the story idea is always the most exciting part. Writing the beginning of the story is fun too, but then, somewhere around the middle, it becomes, well, not-so fun. And that’s usually about the time when a shiny, newer idea starts to beckon and so you start to chase that. . .

But, if you want to be a writer, you have to learn to ignore that new idea in favour of the one you’ve already started—(though make sure to write it down in your Idea Folder—you have one of those, right?—so you can revisit it later). Finishing a novel is a huge accomplishment, one that many would be writers never get around to. I know, it took me 15 years to finish my first book!

27. What do you do when you get writers block?
I refuse to believe in it. If I believe in it, then I might experience it, and I just don’t have time for that. Though, when I do find myself “stuck” I usually go back and do more research into my world, my characters, their motivation, etc, and it always spawns the next sentence. Always. Never fails!

28. Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
Thank you so much for your kind words and support! I truly have the best readers and I couldn’t do it without YOU!

Thank you for the interview, Annamarie!

I would like to thank Alyson Noel for taking time out of her very busy schedule to answer my questions I really appreciate it.

To find out more about Alyson click on the links provided.

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MorganVille Vampires

I went shopping today with the family and convinced mum into going to The Works while in town and I bought myself books 4-9 of the Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine. I wanted books 1-3 aswell but they only had book 2 and 10. I spoke to the guy in store and he said that book 1 and 3 will be in on January 1st when book 11 comes into there store so I am going to save a tenner and when they come out I'm going to get books 1,2,3,10 and 11 and another book in the 3 for £5.

My only problem now is finding some where to put them and finding time to read them haha but if there as good as everyone else says then I will defiantly find time to read them maybe I'll start reading them in June when I finish college haha.

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Currently Reading: The Vampire Stalker - Allison Van Diepen
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No Time To Read :(

I'm so tired of not having the time to read more books like I used to. Since joining the access course in September I have read 2 proper books and 4 of 6 Worst Witch books, I would have read 5/6 proper books by now if I wasn't at college. I also have that many books that it is hard to decide what I wanna read next plus there are that many books out there that I wanna read and I don't yet have lol.

Anyway I'm reading Night Star by Alyson Noel at the minute still but its taking forever to read, I think it has something to with the fact that I know its almost over and I'm not ready to say bye to Ever and Damon yet lol.

I plan on finishing Night Star and Everlasting before I go back to college on January 3rd because Dreamland by Alyson Noel (Riley Bloom Series) comes on January 5th then I can read dreamland and then maybe the Twilight saga or reread the first two Wintercraft books before Wintercraft: Legacy by Jenna Burtenshaw comes out on May 10th or maybe even both lol but I cant see me having time to read both as my college work load is just going to get worst when I go back and I have to read Pride and Prejudice during the Easter Holidays haha.

I also have about 10 books that I need to review yet so the first few months of 2012 will be mega busy for me.

I'm think I'm going to have go through all my books and sort them into three piles. Pile one) Books I want to read as soon as possible. Pile two) Books I wanna read when I'm done with Pile one and Pile Three) Books for if I have nothing else to read and for someone who is buying books all the time it will be impossible for me to run out of books and if I do I can just read my mums or my cousins haha or buy some more.

Plus I also decided to start reading The Vampire Stalker by Allison Van Diepen so far not impressed I really hope it gets better.

Currently Reading: Night Star - Alyson Noel
Currently Reading: The Vampire Stalker - Allison Van Diepen
Books Read in 2011: 12/10

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2011 Goodreads Challenge Met

I have finally met my goodreads challenge haha. Hopefully next year I will read more than 10 books. I am currently planning what I want to read next year and will post the final list on new years day.

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Shimmer - Alyson Noel

4/5 Stars


Riley Bloom is starting to grips with being dead OK. so she'll never turn thirteen, but she can manifest anything she desires.  And, after her first success as a Soul Catcher, she finally got her 'glow' on.  Then she meets Rebecca - a furious ghost who is trapped on earth, desperate to seek revenge for her own death - and  Riley's determined to help her, even if it means defying her cute - but annoying guide Bodhi, and breaking all the rules ....

This is the second book in the Riley Bloom Series, a spin-off off of the popular Immortals series. Based on Ever's younger sister, Riley. 

All of Alyson's books that I have read have a unique descriptive writing style which helps to pull you into the book straight away.

Shimmer picks up where Radiance left off with Riley and Bodhi on vacation.  While on Vacation Riley see's a pair of eye that belong to a black dog - which Bodhi later tells her is a bad omen - and she follows it even though Bodhi tells her not to, because she thinks she should help the dog to cross over only to gets trapped inside Rebecca's evil world along with her friend.  At first Rebecca seems like the victim acting scared but it turns out she is stuck because of the way she died, she wants revenge and Riley has to find a way to help cross her over as well as all the spirits Rebecca has trapped in her world without losing herself, buttercup and her guide while doing it.

Shimmer has everything you could ask for in a book with so few pages. It is easy to read and understand.  It is full of adventure, emotions and magic it had me almost in tears when Rebecca was sharing her story.  The trouble Riley has gotten herself and Bodhi stuck in this time plays with her dark emotions.  The trouble Riley has to go through to help the other trapped Souls is a powerful and emotional.

I am really loving the series and I can't wait to see what trouble Riley gets into in Dreamland when it comes out.

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Jenna Burtenshaw: Wintercraft: Legacy Cover - Unveiled!

Jenna Burtenshaw: Wintercraft: Legacy - Unveiled!: Set your watches, mark your calendars. Wintercraft: Legacy is coming to the UK on 10th May 2012. And here is its beautiful cover. Sil...

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My Interview with Jessica Brody

I had the pleasure to be able to interview Jessica Brody about her novels. Jessica is a fairly new author to me and I have only known about her novels for about 4/5 months while having a look around the goodreads website.

Jessica is the best selling author of:
to name a few.

1) Where are you from?
I was born in Los Angeles, CA but my family moved to Franktown, CO (near Denver) when I was 12. I moved back to LA right after college and now I actually go back and forth between CA and CO. I guess you could say I'm "Undecided." Haha!

2) When and why did you begin writing?
In the second grade, my teacher assigned us to write a 1 paragraph book report and I turned in 4 pages. She thought it was such a big deal but I couldn't really understand why. It didn't feel like a big deal to me! It was at that time that I realised that writing was something that I loved and something that came easy. And not many things come easy to me, so I thought I might as well stick with it!

3) How long each day/week do you dedicate to writing?
I write 5 days a week for 2-3 hours a day. I like to give myself days off so I don't feel like I'm cheating when I decide not to write one day. I also can't write more than 3 hours a day. I have a short attention span!

4) What do you do when your not writing?
Think about writing. LOL! Seriously though, when I'm in the middle of a book, it completely consumes me. I live that book. I inhabit that world. I react to things as my character would. It's actually a really cool process and I love it.

5) In your spare time what do you like to read?
I love to read YA. Not just because it's the genre I write in but because I think some of the best stories today are written in the young adult genre. Plus, I love going back to being a teen and living that age through someone else's eyes.

6) What are you reading at the moment?
Right now I'm reading an Advanced Reader's Copy of Jennifer Bosworth's Struck. It's her debut and it comes out in May 2012. She's published at my same publisher. The book is phenomenal. I think it's going to be a HUGE hit!

7) If you could work with any author, who would it be and why?
I would have to say Sophie Kinsella. She's one of my favourites. She's so freaking hilarious! I could read her books over and over again and still die laughing each time. I would love to see how she works.

8) When you were younger who was your favourite author?
Christopher Pike. I read his books all through high school. I'm so glad they started bringing back his stuff! He's great!

9) If you could turn any of your novels into a Movie or T.V. Show which novel would you choose and why?
Oh, that's so tough! I'd love to see all my books as a Movie or TV show. I think the one that's best fitted for the screen would have to be my forthcoming novel, 52 REASONS TO HATE MY FATHER, which releases in Summer 2012. It feels very cinematic to me. And it was actually already optioned for film! So I guess we're off to a good start!

10) What inspired you to write your novels?
For MY LIFE UNDECIDED, it was definitely one of those "aha" moments that I hear writers talk about. My husband and I were watching TV, an ad for a reality show came on and I said "Wouldn't it be cool if there was a reality show where you could vote on what the characters did. As in, "Who they went out with?" or "Whether or not they forgave their backstabbing best friend." Like American Idol meets The Hills. We both agreed although it would be cool, it wouldn't be practical from a production standpoint since they shoot those reality shows months before they air. I was not deterred though. I said, "Fine, I'll write it as a book," and then marched up the stairs and in ten shot minutes, wrote a page-long synopsis for what would become MY LIFE UNDECIDED and sent it to my editor. She wrote back right away saying that she loved it and the book was born!

11) Are you working on anything at the moment if so can you tell us anything about it?
YES! I just finished the first draft of a new book in a sci-fi trilogy for teens that will be released in early 2013. It's called UNREMEMBERED and it's about a sixteen year old who wakes up amongst the wreckage of a devastating plane crash with no memories and no identity. The only clue to her forgotten past is a mysterious boy who claims she was part of a science experiment. It's going to be so much fun, I can't wait!

12) For you what is the easiest part of the book to write?
The easiest part of every book I write is the beginning. I LOOOOVE set ups. I love setting up new worlds and characters and giving them all sorts of fun challenges and embarking them on great adventures.

13) ..... And the hardest?
The hardest (and my least favourite part) is the middle (act 2 for all you screenwriters) when I actually have to deal with all these fun challenges and great adventures. I end up not only hating my characters and my story, I hate myself for setting up so many impossible storylines. Then by Act 3, all is forgiven and I'm back to loving everyone again.

14) What do you do when you get writer's block?
For starters, I never use the term "writer's block" ...well, except right there. I'm a firm believer in the law of attraction. What you resist persists. What you focus on only gets bigger. If I went around saying, "Crap, I have writer's block," then yes, I would have writer's block. If I refuse to even acknowledge the concept, then it doesn't exist. And guess what? I've never had it. Of course, I get stuck from time to time as any writer does. To deal with it, I usually just step away and allow the problem to stew in the back of my mind. It's amazing how much problem solving you can do when you don't try.

15) Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
First off, thank you! I have such great readers and I love hearing from all of you by email, Facebook and Twitter!

And secondly, I write my books primarily for entertainment. They're meant to be funny and light hearted and take you away from everyday life. If you find a deeper message somewhere within the pages, then that's just a bonus for me. But if you laugh when you're reading it, then I have fulfilled my mission in life. Enjoy! J

I would just like to thank Jessica for taking the time out from her busy schedule to answer my questions much appreciated.

To find out more about Jessica and her novels visit her website by clicking the link provided above.

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Two Copies of Blackwatch :D

OK so I have just ordered a copy of Blackwatch by Jenna Burtenshaw which means I will have two copies, a signed copy that will never leave my flat (unless I move) and a copy that I can lend to people because my mum aunty Shirley and cousin Cazz want to read it and my tutor at college read my interview with Jenna and is interested in reading her books so when it comes I have a queue of people who want to read it :D

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My Interview with Jenna Burtenshaw

I had the honour to be able to interview the lovely Jenna Burtenshaw a fairly new author about her novels and ask some questions I have wanted to know the answers to for a while ;D

Legacy (Wintercraft, #3)

Jenna has had her Wintercraft series published in a few countries: UK, US (Shadowcry), Poland and Portugal. Jenna is currently preparing Wintercraft: Blackwatch for its release in the US which will be out round about June 2012.
So here is what she had to say in reply to my questions.
1) Where are you from?
I live in County Durham in the North East of England.
2) When and why did you begin writing?
I started writing poetry when I was nine and it just grew from there. I loved being able to play with words and create worlds out of letters and I never looked back. I still have the little notebook of poems I wrote at that time.
3) Did you always want to be an author?
I have always loved books and reading. I think words and language are truly magical, so from the moment I realised that people actually sat down and wrote those stories, I knew I wanted to do it myself one day.
4) How long each day/week do you dedicate to writing?
When a story is going well, I write every day. I used to have a routine, but now I’m usually writing, editing or researching most of the time. My writing space is full of sticky notes, books and stuffed files full of stories-in-progress.
5) What do you do when your not writing?
I read a lot, walk my dogs, and I’ve recently started to draw. I haven’t been too interested in drawing before, but I’m really enjoying it. I also like to cook, and I spend a lot of time in my garden whenever I can.
6) In your spare time what do you like to read?
Anything that pulls me into another world. I particularly enjoy fantasy or science fiction stories, but anything involving alternate realities, broken societies or supernatural events will make me pick up a book in a bookshop.
7) What are you reading at the moment?
I’m reading lots of science books as research for a new story that I’m working on right now. I’m also partway through Kraken by China Mieville and Temeraire by Naomi Novik.
8) If you could work with any author, who would it be and why?
That is a very difficult question! I think most authors work in very different ways so it must be difficult to work with someone who doesn’t approach a story the same way you do. Some authors like to plan everything to the last detail, others let the story surprise them as they go. Saying that, I would probably choose Marcus Sedgwick, because I love the darkness of his written worlds.
9) When you were younger who was your favourite author?
Roald Dahl was always my author of choice growing up. When I was a teenager I hopped around the bookshelves and didn’t really settle on a particular author, but 1984 by George Orwell was my favourite book for a long time. I’ve always liked too many authors to choose just one.
10) If you could turn the Wintercraft Series into a Movie or T.V. Show which would you?
I think there can be a lot of expectation placed upon books to be adapted into something else. Stories in books are usually written to be read as a book, so translating them into another format like film or television often doesn’t work very well. It would be very interesting to see Kate and Silas’s world on the big screen, but it could never be exactly the way I see it in my imagination.
11) What inspired you to write your novel?
I wanted to write a story that I really enjoyed. I started off with an image of a girl standing in a burning bookshop holding an old book and the rest of the story grew around that image. Kate Winters was the first spark, but I think Silas Dane really set the story on fire.
12) How do you come up with your story ideas?
Ideas come from absolutely everywhere. I always think of them as a growing pile of jigsaw pieces. Some of the pieces fit into the story you’re working on, others belong in a completely different story or to none at all. I experimented with lots of different storylines in the beginning, and a few pieces of Kate and Silas’s world that didn’t belong in Wintercraft eventually found their place in books 2 and 3. Others are still waiting to find their true home.
13) Are you planning on writing anymore after Wintercraft book 3?
I have ideas for more books in the series but, for now, it stands as a trilogy.
14) Can you tell us anything about Wintercraft book 3?
It answers all of the questions left over from books 1 & 2 and completely finishes off this part of Kate and Silas’s story. For readers who ended on the cliffhanger in book 2, this story should make the wait worthwhile!
15) Does it have a title and release date?
Book 3 is called Wintercraft: Legacy, and it will be released in the UK on 10th May 2012.
16) Are you working on anything at the moment?
I’m working on two separate stories that are not connected to the Wintercraft series. They are both very different and I’m very excited about them, but I can say no more!
17) If you could do it over again, is there anything you would change in your last book?
There is always something that I’d like to change. When you spend your life writing, you never stop learning. All I can do is apply what I’ve learned to my future work and keep going, using the lessons learned from each book to improve the next.
18) In the Wintercraft Series, which is your favourite character and why?
I like every one of the characters. They all have aspects to their personalities that I appreciate, and even the ones who cause trouble often have a very good reason for doing so. Silas is the character I find most intriguing. He is very likeable despite being vicious and cold and immeasurably dangerous. If I had to pick a favourite, it would be Silas.
19) When writing about something you don't know about where do you get your information from?
I always hunt down books on the subject. I go to the library, or buy books that I need. I also talk to people who know more about the subject than me. I rarely trust anything on the internet. It’s too easy to be misled by false information.
20) For you what is the easiest part of the book to write?
There is no easy part. Every part of a story is tricky to get right.
21)...And the hardest?
The first page. I rewrite most of the book a few times before I give it to my publisher, but the first page is always the one that I rewrite the most.
22) How do you choose the names for your books and characters?
Wintercraft didn’t have a title for a long time. Even the book within the story was untitled until I finally wrote the word Wintercraft on my whiteboard in the middle of the night. It fit perfectly into the story and just felt right. I knew Blackwatch’s title right from the beginning, but Legacy didn’t have a title until it was finished. It really couldn’t have been named anything else. The characters usually creep onto my desk fully formed, complete with names that suit them right from the start. I rarely have to sit down and think of a name. If I do, it usually means that the character isn't ready to live in a story yet.
23) Have you ever gotten rid of a character or changed a character in a book before publishing and then regretted it?
The only changes I’ve made have always ended up being for the best. I have removed characters and brought in new ones in their place, but it has always made the story stronger.
24) What advice would you give to someone who "ran out of creativity" while writing?
You have taken a wrong turn somewhere. Go back a few paragraphs and take your characters down a different path. Once you send them in the right direction the story will get its rhythm back.
25) What do you do when you get writers block?
I drink lots of black tea and apply the rule mentioned in question 24. It works every time.
26) Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
Thank you for reading this interview! If you’ve read any of my books, I hope you’ve enjoyed the series so far. It was lovely to visit Annamarie’s blog today.

I would just like to thank Jenna for taking the time out from her busy schedule to answer my questions much appreciated.
To find out more about Jenna and her novels visit her blog by clicking the link above.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Wintercraft Book 3 announcment

Yesterday Jenna Burtenshaw posted on her blog details about the up coming Wintercraft book its called Wintercraft: Legacy and it will be released in the UK on May 10th 2012 (not quick enough if you ask me :p)

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Monday, September 05, 2011

Heat Wave - Richard Castle

4/5 Stars

A New York real estate tycoon plunges to his death on a Manhattan sidewalk. A trophy wife with a past survives a narrow escape from a brazen attack.

Mobsters and moguls with no shortage of reasons to kill trot out their alibies. And then, in the suffocating grip of a record heat wave, comes another shocking murder and a sharp turn in a tense journey into the dirty little secrets of the wealthy. Secrets that prove to be fatal. secrets lay hidden in the dark until one NYPD detective shines a light.

This is the first crime novel I have read and believe me it will not be the last (well at least of this series).

It kept me on edge with it's fun, flirty and interesting story.

From the start of the book there are a number of suspects and I had my suspition on who the killer was but it turned out I was wrong which was great because it meant that the book wasnt predictable. Guessing the killer is something I do in the TV show and 98% of the time I'm wrong.

In Heat Wave you can feel the 'Heat' between Rook and Heat just like you can between Beckett and Castle in the show, I was happy that they actually get it on in the book where as in the TV series four season in and were all still waiting for it.

In the steamy scene during the book there are unforced scene's between the two characters.

Heat Wave is a fun read for fans of 'Castle' and is definatly a worth-while pick-up for fans of the mystery genre.

At the end of the book the readers will be left asking when and where can I get book two.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Blackwatch - Jenna Burtenshaw

4/5 Stars

Albion's Skilled community have long feared the dark practices detailed in the book of Wintercraft. Only one girl is powerful enough to manipulate its secrets and now the book is in her possession

Kate Winters is on trial, falsely accused of murdering the Skilled leader. Shunned by her own kind, Kate can see no escape and worse, a sinister threat is arraying outside the underground caverns where she's being kept: the Continent's elite assassins known only as Blackwatch.

Silas Dane is also hunted by Blackwatch. In the war against Albion, the Continent is keen to explore Kate's power and they know that Kate and Silas are inextricably linked....

Time is running out. Can Kate and Silas halt the dark forces at work or will the web of deceit surrounding Wintercraft ensure them?

Kate has escaped the clutches of the High Council and Silas has left Albion for the continent. But their lives are forever linked and as the veil weakens, causing Albion's skilled to fear for everyone's safety, Silas and Kate find themselves drawn together by the mysterious and corrupt Dalliah Grey.

After two months of searching I managed to get a copy of Blackwatch thanks to Jenna :D. But Blackwatch was well worth the wait.

Even though Wintercraft didn't end on a huge cliffhanger I still had to grab myself a copy of Blackwatch and I am so glad I managed to get it.

I loved how Silas and Kate aren't really together at the start, but end up together, but then get torn apart.

The book starts with a chapter about Silas and then Kate and is like this most the way through the book until Kate and Silas are together again.

Kate and Silas are both on the run from the Skilled of Albion because of what happened on the Night of Souls in Wintercraft.

Kate is on the run with Edgar after the High Council find her guilty of murder of their leader.

Edgar helps to keep Kate Grounded when she enters the veil which's pull is stronger than ever before.

Silas is on the run and flees across the sea to the Continent. Silas goes to the Continent in search of Dalliah Gray for help, but she has other plans for him. Silas lands right into the hands of the Blackwatch who are working for Dalliah.

I found myself beginning to like Silas and hating everything that he was put through. Which is completely different to how I felt about him in Wintercraft. Silas continues to develop into a great character. In Wintercraft he was a bad guy but he comes much more than that, and learn that deep down he's a nice guy. I hope Jenna doesn't make Silas become a bad guy again in book three.

We get to read much more about Edgar in Blackwatch and he is just as brave as Silas, and it is made aware that he is very important to Kate. Even Silas cared for Edgar towards the end.

Jenna ended Blackwatch with a massive cliff hanger and I am eagerly awaiting book three.

I have no idea if Jenna has a happy or sad future for Kate, Silas and Edgar in the last book, but for the moment at least a happy future not found :(.

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Radiance - Alyson Noel

4/5 Stars

Riley has crossed the bridge into the afterlife - a place called Here, where time is always Now. She has picked up her life where she left off when she was alive, living with her parents and dog in a nice house in a nice neighbourhood. When she's summoned before The Council, she learns that the after life isn't just an eternity of leisure. She's been assigned a job, Soul Catcher, and a teacher, Bodhi, a possibly cute, seemingly nerdy boy who's definitely hiding something. They return to earth together for Riley's first assignment, a Radiant Boy who's been haunting a castle in England for centuries. Many Soul Catchers have tried to get him o cross the bridge and failed. But all of that was before he net Riley .....

Radiance is a spin-off to Alyson Noels Immortal Series

Another fantastic book by Alyson Noel

At first I wasn't to sure about reading Radiance as I loved the Immortal Series so much I thought it might be a disappointment compared to them but I was surprised and loved it just as much as the Immortal books.

Riley Bloom Crossed over the bridge with her family. She's annoyed because she won't get to have her thirteenth birthday that she has looked forward to for a long time.

Riley doesn't adjust to the Here and Now, more than anything Riley wishes she hadn't lingered and had followed her sister back to the earth plane.

When Riley goes for her first day at "school" in the Here and Now she's faced with the council. They will decide what she must do in the after life.

Riley is handed her first assignment of Soul Catcher she'll begin a journey that will change everything.

Riley is assigned a teacher, Bodhi. He teaches her all the tricks of the afterlife, while accompanying her on her first mission on earth.

The Soul Catchers job is to help trapped spirits find their way to the right place. While Riley is on her first assignment Bodhi bets with Riley that if she completes her assignment he will teacher her how to fly.

The first time Riley meets the Radiant Boy he scares her but she goes back in and sends him on his way into the afterlife, and Bodhi keeps his promise and teaches Riley how to fly.

Riley and Bodhi have a tough relationship at the start and Riley doesn't listed or respect him, but after Bodhi completes his assignment he starts to grow on her. This could have something to do with the fact he teaches her how to fly and then takes her on a trip.

If you are a fan of Alyson's Immortal Series, I do believe that you will enjoy this spin-off, and if your like me and loved Riley in Evermore and wanted to see more of her then you'll want to grab yourself a copy of this book and see what's really going on in Riley's world.

Radiance definitely proves to be a great start to an exciting new series and I am totally looking forward to reading SHIMMER in the coming weeks.

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A Breath of Fresh Air - Erica James

1/5 Stars

Charlotte is consumed by guilt - after months of agonising she finally asks her workaholic husband for a divorce. The very same day Peter was killed in a tragic accident. Charlotte's only wish is to return home to the idyllic Cheshire village of her childhood.

Ivy Cottage and Hulme Welford are all Charlotte remembered - Lunch in the shade of the fig tree and fork suppers. And her interfering sister Hilary hasn't changed either, organising everything from milk on the doorstep to Alex, the sitting tenant.

Hilary is determined that Charlotte, far too young for a widow's weeds, should find love anew. And what better place to start than with the eligible bachelor next door?

I read this book in June and I honestly didn't like it. It just couldn't keep me interested and it took me months to finally get round to finishing it (I have to finish a book if I start it)

I liked Charlotte but she was to depressing, yeah her husband died, but she didn't love love him anyway so why was she so guilty?

I spent most the time wishing Charlotte would lighten up a bit and tell her interfering sister to do one and wishing that she would hurry up and hook up with Alex.

I might read this book again one day, but right now it can sit with the rest of the books on my shelf of disappointment.

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Dark Flame - Alyson Noel

4/5 Stars

Dark Flame is the forth of six books in the Immortal Series by Alyson Noel
In Alyson Noel’s most darkly seductive Immortals novel yet, Ever fights for control of her body, her soul—and the timeless true love she’s been chasing for centuries.

Ever is trying to help Haven transition into life as an immortal. But with Haven drunk on her new powers and acting recklessly, she poses the ultimate threat—exposing their secret world to the outside. As Ever struggles to keep the Immortals hidden, it only propels Haven closer to the enemy—Roman and his evil companions

At the same time, Ever delves deeper into dark magick to free Damon from Roman’s power. But when her spell backfires, it binds her to the one guy who’s hell-bent on her destruction. Now there’s a strange, foreign pulse coursing through her, and no matter what she does, she can’t stop thinking about Roman—and longing for his touch. As she struggles to resist the fiery attraction threatening to consume her, Roman is more than willing to take advantage of her weakened state…and Ever edges closer and closer to surrender.

Frantic to break the spell before its too late, Ever turns to Jude for help, risking everything she knows and loves to save herself—and her future with Damen .....

The Immortal Series is one of the best series I have ever read. I read this book back in February 2011 and this series just keeps gets better.

After the way Alyson ended Shadowlands I couldn't wait to get my hands on a copy of Dark Flame.

I spent the entire book hoping thing's would get better for Ever and Damon but sadly I was wrong, and things got much worse.

Ever turns to magick to help her find the poison she needs so she can be with Damon with out the protection of the energy field, but instead of casting the banding spell so Roman is bound to her she ends up binding herself to Roman.

Romy and Rayne try to help Ever undo the curse that Ever casts upon herself, she just makes it even worse and Ever can't seem to keep away from Roman.

I totally love this series. It is full of suspense and had me gripped with every page and never wanting the roller-coaster to end. I love being involved with Ever and Damon's journey and I'm filled with emotion every time things start to go wrong.

The emotional roller-coaster that Alyson puts Ever on is devastating. I love the situations and the main characters. I'm not a fan of Jude because in my opinion Ever belongs with Damon. I used to love Haven until this book, she is totally different now she is Immortal she is now also evil and Roman I've never like him, from when he was first introduced into the series.

This is definitely a series I am going to continue to love even when its over.

If you haven't started reading this series yet, you are missing out on an amazing love story that is tested to the very limit time and time again.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My cousin has got me hooked on a book site here you can keep track of the books you have read, you are currently reading and books you want to read at the minute I have 44 books on my read shelf and have 77 on my to-read shelf.

On the read shelf they are books I remember reading in my lifetime you can add me as a friend if you like when you set up you own account here

If you have read a good book let me know and I will add it to my to-read shelf :D

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Book Is Here

My signed copy of "Blackwatch" came today but I'm not going to get to read it until the weekend as I am babysitting tonight and I am going on a class trip with my little sisters class to the sea life centre near where I live.

I might wait until the stress of the hospital appointment is over before I actually read it tho.

Friday, June 17, 2011


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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Twilight Bookmarks

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Immortal Series Bookmarks

I made these please comment n tell me what you think. Hope you like.

Wintercraft Bookmarks

I made these to say thank you to Jenna :D
Please comment n tell me what you think.
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