Wednesday, December 31, 2014

In My Mailbox November and December 2014

I haven't been able to buy many books this last few months but here are what I have bought or had for Christmas

Gods and Warriors - Michelle Paver
Throne of Glass - Sarah J. Mass
Crown of Midnight - Sarah J. Mass
Heir of Fire - Sarah J. Mass
Geek Girl #3 - Holly Smale

Beg: The Submission Series - C.D Reiss
Bound - Brenda Rothert
Sex With the Lawyer - Kelly Young
The Neighbour (Box set #1-3) - Abby Weeks
The Arrangement - Abby Weeks
Say You Will - Kate Perry
Seduction Secrets - Colleen Connally
The Savage Series (#1-3) - Tamara Rose Blodgett
Shadows on the Snow: A Flipped Fairy Tale - Starla Huchton + Jennifer Melza
A Pretty Mess - Carla Caruso
The Offer - Jayne Blue
A Taste of Power - Cassia Leo
Rushed - Brian Harmon

52 Week Challenge

I am starting a challenge in 2015 called '52 Week Challenge'. This challenge involves me reading a book a week but I will only be putting 30-35 books on my TBR 2015 list so that I can add review book that I receive and I can add new releases. I hope you join in with me :D

There will be more details about my challenge in next few days as I have a load of book reviews to go up.

Happy Reading

Currently Reading: Mockingjay Suzanne Collins
Currently Reading: Until I Die - Amy Plum
Read In 2015: 0/52

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Working on a WIP and Author Advice

Since Friday I have been working on a Work in Progress (WIP) story that I have been writing for a while, I have been changing it every time I go on it but I have managed to write 2000 words since Friday which is more than I can write when I am doing an essay.

Because I kept opening the document and reading through what I had written the day before and changing it before continuing writing so I asked two authors (who won't be named) who I know well enough to ask questions and know I will get an answer back about how they stop themselves from reading though there work and they both gave me some fab advice.

The Advice:
Author 1. Author one told me that they were guilty of doing exactly the same as I do so to stop them self they put a distinctive mark where you want to begin the next time you put it on something like a hash or anything you've not used in your work or what you don't plan on using I have started using the hash because I have used the star (*) to separate the beginning from the main story.

Author 2. Author two told me that they use a technique called fast drafting which means no matter what just keep writing and never go back because it all about moving forward like you do with a story you want the story to move forward not back. They keep a separate list of things that they want to change in the story and then change them in the revision only after you have completed the manuscript. The author also said that it would make a great blog post so they can write more on this.
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