Saturday, January 31, 2015

In My Mailbox January 2015

I only got 7 books this month due to waiting for my student finance to arrive and the 3 actual books were books I won on Goodreads competitions


  1. Poppy Lung - Alex Caird
  2. A Soul for Attonement - Crista McHugh
  3. The Great Zoo of China - Matthew Riley
  1. At Any Price - Brenna Aubrey
  2. Beauty and the Geek - Elizabeth Thorn
  3. R.E.M: The Hidden World - Corrie Fischer and Elizabeth Mackey
  4. Queen Victoria - Giles Lytton Strachey

Monday, January 19, 2015

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Mockingjay (The Hunger Games #3)Title: Mockingjay
Author: Suzanne Collins
Series: The Hunger Games
Pages: 441
Release Date: 3rd October 2013
Publisher: Scholastic
Source: Christmas Present
Format: Paperback Foil Luxe Edition
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Synopsis: The final book in the ground-breaking HUNGER GAMES trilogy. Against all odds, Katniss Everdeen has survived the Hunger Games twice. But now that she's made it out of the bloody arena alive, she's still not safe. The Capitol is angry. The Capitol wants revenge. Who do they think should pay for the unrest? Katniss. And what's worse, President Snow has made it clear that no one else is safe either. Not Katniss's family, not her friends, not the people of District 12.

My Review: I really enjoyed the final installment of The Hunger Games and I am really looking forward to part two of the movie.

So at the end of Catching Fire you will remember that Katniss got rescued from the Quarter Quell and she is now hiding out in District 13 with a few members from the Quarter Quell, while Peeta was captured and is being held in the Capitol with a few others from the Quarter Quell. It was believed that District 13 was bombed and was just a barren wasteland but it turns out that the Capitol made a deal that the remaining people of District 13 could live underground as long as they keep it secret so they have been hiding underground this whole time.

While Katniss and Peeta were in the Quarter Quell President Snow bombed District 12 - there home - and Gale helped to rescue as many people as he could including Katniss' mother and sister and he took the survivors to District 13.

While in District 13 Gale and Katniss train to fight to take down the Capitol and President Snow and save Peeta and Katniss' mother and sister are training to be District 13 nurses so that they can help to cure the sick.

For a while I thought that they would never rescue Peeta and the others from the Capitol but they did it but with a massive price to Katniss' family.

I thought that the ending was great except for Primm's death - I cried so much at this - and I didn't like the fact that Katniss ended up with the wrong person.

I think the story was written perfectly and all the new characters came to life and I could just imagine everyone of them and every scene. I really hope that a spin-off comes out about Katniss' Gale's and Peeta's life after The Hunger Games and having to survive living in District 12 and the aftermath of Katniss' decision of her kill.

Friday, January 09, 2015

Paris Cravings by Kimberley Montpetit

I received this as an eBook for an honest review

Chloe try's to avoid boy trouble by escaping to Paris for her senior class trip but she only goes and falls in love with the French desserts. Chloe meets the son of the baker Jean-Paul and they have a whale of a time but she soon has to leave Paris and deal with her boyfriend drama back home.

Chloe easily falls in love with Jean-Paul its love at first sight, who couldn't fall in love with him, he is French after all.

The writing is fluid and brings the characters to life and it is fast paced and easy to follow.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Ring on Her Finger by Lisa Swinton

I was given Ring on her Finger for an honest review

This book was a fun read but not my cup of tea and I thought that some characters were under developed.

Ring on her finger is about a woman Amanda who has just graduated in Nursing who wakes up in a hotel room with a stranger in her bed and that was not all, she also had a ring on her finger and not just a normal ring but a wedding ring and was still wearing a wedding dress.

Amanda was supposed to go to teach how to help deliver babies in Africa after the summer but she wasn't expecting to get married.

Amanda had married a wealthy man Blake who knew what he was doing while planning the wedding as he was sober and she wasn't but when he tells his family they disown him until he has gotten a divorce but Amanda has no way of paying for it.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

My 2015 Book List

Here is the list of books I want to read in 2015 (yes there is a reason that there is only 30) and what weeks I will be reading them so you can read along with me if you want. This list may change due to a new book being released that I forgot about or due to having to read a book to review it so keep referring back to the 'Book List 2015' tab on the top of the page.

There is one book on the list that is a repeat from last year as I read it early last year and I plan on reading book two this year and I can't remember what it was about in all that detail.

(NOTE: This order may change due to review books having to be read and new books that are released.)
WK 1 ;- Mockingjay - Suzanne Collins
WK 2 :- Until I Die - Amy Plum
WK 3 :- Of Royal Descent - Ember Shane
WK 4 :- Mystic - Alyson Noel
WK 5 :- Someday, Someday Maybe - Lauren Graham
WK 6 :- If I Should Die - Amy Plum
WK 7 :- Of High Treason - Ember Shane [Review book]
WK 8 :- Horizon - Alyson Noel
WK 9 :- Twilight - Stephanie Meyer
WK 10 :- Unchanged - Jessica Brody
WK 11 :- A Witch in Winter - Ruth Warburton
WK 12 :- The Selection - Keira Cass
WK 13 :- Switched - Amanda Hocking
WK 14 :- Cinder - Marissa Meyer
WK 15 :- Stargazer - Claudia Gray
WK 16 :- New Moon - Stephanie Meyer
WK 17 :- A Witch in Love - Ruth Warburton
WK 18 :- The Elite - Keira Cass
WK 19 :- Torn - Amanda Hocking
WK 20 :- Scarlet - Marissa Meyer
WK 21 :- Hourglass - Claudia Gray
WK 22 :- Eclipse - Stephanie Meyer
WK 23 :- A Witch Alone - Ruth Warburton
WK 24 :- Cress - Marissa Meyer
WK 25 :- Ascend - Amanda Hocking
WK 26 :- Afterlife - Claudia Gray
WK 27 :- The One - Keira Cass
WK 28 :- Breaking Dawn - Stephanie Meyer
WK 29 :- Winter - Marissa Meyer
WK 30 :- Balthazar - Claudia Gray
WK 31 :- Enchanted - Aletha Kontis
WK 32 :- 
WK 33 :- 
WK 34 :-
WK 35 :-
WK 36 :-
WK 37 :-
WK 38 :-
WK 39 :-
WK 40 :-
WK 41 :-
WK 42 :-
WK 43 :-
WK 44 :-
WK 45 :-
WK 46 :- 
WK 47 :-
WK 48 :-
WK 49 :-
WK 50 :-
WK 51 :-
WK 52 :-

Friday, January 02, 2015

52 Week Challnege

52 Week Challenge is a challenge that is probable already out there but I haven't seen it so I decided that I would make this post to explain myself

I have decided to create a challenge for myself to read 52 books in 2015 and if it is successful I will repeat it every year.

Basically you write down Week 1 - 52 in a column and then next to that the date each week starts (mine starts on a Monday) so the first week of 2015 starts Monday December 29th 2014 and ends January 5th (yes I no that that starts in 2014 but its the start of the week).

Once you have done each week and the date you write your list of books next to each week and yes you can change the list around to add new books, review books or if you just want to read the next book of a series after reading the previous one but you have put it further down the list.

You don't have to fill the whole 52 weeks out (I'm not as I am leaving room for new books and review books)

If you click on my TBR 2015 tab you can see how I've set mine out although the list isn't complete yet as I haven't decided on the books I want to read.

Join in with me, if you like you can post a link to your list in the comments. If you don't want to do the 52 weeks challenge then that's fine too.

Happy Reading x

The Trouble With Flying by Rachel Morgan

I received this as an eBook for an honest review

I thought it was a small easy read and that the story was written well enough to keep me hooked until the end, this story makes a great start to a series and I cannot wait to see what is in store for Sarah and Aiden.

Sarah and Aiden met on a plane on their way to South Africa the only problem is Aiden is so nervous about flying for the first time that he doesn't stop talking but when we find out why he is afraid to fly it is emotional.

Sarah is shy and awkward which I can relate to and she goes through plenty of ups and downs during the book and Sarah meeting Aiden is just what she needed.

The story is a chic lit which I don't normally read but it sounded interesting so I decided to read it and I am glad that I gave it a chance. It is also the first Rachel Morgan I have read and her writing was spot on she knows how to keep her readers hooked.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Books Read in 2014

  1. The Evenescence - Jessica Sorensen
  2. Arabel's Shadow - Fleur Gaskin
  3. The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins
  4. Double Crossed - Ally Carter
  5. Avenging Amethyst - Kaitlyn Price
  6. The Ambrose Beacon - Alena Gouveia
  7. Undiscovered - Jessica Brody
  8. The Trouble With Flying - Rachel Morgan
  9. Paris Cravings - Kimberly Montpetit
  10. Ring On Her Finger - Lisa Swinton
  11. Elfineness - Tatyana K. Varenko
  12. After Life Lessons - Laila Blake
  13. Doll Bones - Holly Black
  14. Perfect Scoundrels - Ally Carter
  15. Unforgotten - Jessica Brody
  16. Echo - Alyson Noel
  17. The Dinosaur that Pooped the Past - Tom Fletcher and Dougie Pointer
  18. Catching Fire - Suzanne Collins

Goodreads Challenge

Well I didn't manage to reach my goal of 30 books but that isn't going to stop me from picking 52 books to read this year for my '52 week Challenge' that I will post about later today.

I don't know if I will be able to complete this challenge but I am going to give it a good go I am going to list 30 books on a TBR 2015 post so that any book that I buy during 2015 can be added to the list plus I get review book

I would like to be able to read more book in a year than I have been doing as I want to show my youngest siblings that reading is fun and because I will be out of Uni from around the end of March beginning of April I will be able to catch up on my reading then if I am behind because of being at Uni.

Because I can read on the train to uni as it take about an hour and a half (not including exchanges) to get there I figured that if I read for those 3+ hours I could probably read the 52 book in a year just from travelling to and from uni but I plan on reading for an extra half hour everyday and an extra hour on the days where the boyfriend is at work.

I am also going to have surgery in a few days so I won't be able to do much so I will be able to sit and read each day between doing my essays for semester 1 plus due to the operation I will have to have physio so I can read on the train to the hospital for my physio session and on the way back.

I am not taking part in any other challenges other than read 52 book in 2015 so I can concentrate better on the challenge. I am counting Mockingjay as a book read in 2015 as I have almost finished it even though I read most of it in 2014 so when it comes to saying that it is complete on goodreads I will mark it down that I finished reading it on 4th Jan which will be my Week 1 book for my 52 week challenge.

So what have you set as your goodreads challenge for 2015? And do you feel confident that you can complete it?

Good Luck.
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