Friday, July 31, 2015

In My Mailbox July 2015

So I spoiled myself this month and bought a lot of books for my kindle to cheer myself up this also means I have a lot of new books to read lol.

  1. Beautiful Oblivion - Addison Moore
  2. Shade - Marilyn Peake
  3. From Italy With Love - Jules Wakes
  4. Finding Love Again - Jessica Matthews
  5. Escorted - Claire Kent
  6. Bought and Paid For - Lara Hunter
  7. All Over the Place - Serena Clarke
  8. Nightmares of Caitlin Lockyer - Demelza Carlton
  9. Tapas, Carrot Cake and a Corpse - Sherri Bryan
  10. No One to Trust - Katie Reus
  11. Fated - Tasha Gwartney
  12. Murder and Moonflowers #1 - Leslie Leigh
  13. Murder in Wonderland #1 - Leslie Leigh
  14. Sweet Magic Song - Olivia Hardin and Mickey Reed
  15. Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter - Nikki Jefford
  16. Convicted Witch - Willow Monroe
  17. Bound to the Bachelor - Sarah Mayberry
  18. No Knight Needed - Stephanie Rowe
  19. Awaken at Twilight Anthology - Kristen Middleton, C.M Owens, Chrissy Pebbles, W.J. May, C.J. Pinard, J. Wells and L. Wells
  20. Gracie - Ellie Keaton
  21. The Opening Act - Taryn Elliott and Cari Quinn
  22. Secrets of the Sisterhood - Kay Cassidy
  23. Cowboy Down Under - Ruth Bailey
  24. Field of Schemes - Jennifer Coburn
  25. Love, Sex, Work, Murder - Neal Bircher
  26. Depraved - Lucia Jordan
  27. Love, Forgiveness and Horseshoes - Julie Allen
  28. Celtic, Folktales from Wales - Michael Harvey
  29. Beyond The Veil - Pippa DaCosta

Saturday, July 11, 2015


I am just posting an update of things that will be posted by the end of July as I am almost done reading Lost by Ron Vitale and once I am done I will start working on all the book reviews for this years books (there's about 10 including Lost).

- Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
- Until I Die by Amy Plum
- Die For Her by Amy Plum
- Mystic by Alyson Noel
- Unchanged by Jessica Brody
- Cindi by Lisa Scott
- The Anti-Prom by Abby McDonald
- Cinderella Wore Combat Boots by D. L. Jackson
- Cinderella Book of The Film by Elizabeth Rudnick
- Lost by Ron Virtale
* The reviews will be posted all throughout the week and will be posted on the day I write them not on the day I read them

In My Mailbox
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- June
* The IMM's will be posted during the week and will be set to go up for the last day of the month that it is for like they would normally.

- I have a feature lined up not sure when I will post it as I am still waiting for details.

Author Interviews
- I don't have any currently lined up I plan on concentrating on reading during the Summer and in September start again with the interviews which means that I will start lining authors up in August so I can start posting in September on wards

Guest Reviewers
- I am looking for some guest reviewers to post book reviews or to take part in an interview and to even promote their own blog

Suggestions and Contacting Me
- You can email me or send me a message on Facebook (links at the bottom of the post)  to suggest books for me to read or to take part in anything on my blog or you can even suggest a weekly or monthly thing for me to do on my blog (if you go to the looking for page then it will tell you what else I am looking for)

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