Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Top 10 Tuesday

Top Ten Books On My Autumn To Be Read List.

  1. Hourglass by Claudia Gray
  2. A Week of Mondays by Jessica Brody
  3. Unrivaled by Alyson Noel
  4. Blacklist by Alyson Noel
  5. Stolen by Ron Vitale
  6. Switched by Amanda Hocking
  7. A Witch in Winter by Ruth Warburton
  8. Abandon by Meg Cabot
  9. Someday, Someday Maybe by Lauren Graham
  10. Cross my Heart and Hope to Spy by Ally Carter

Blog Birthday

Today is the blogs 7th birthday.

I can’t believe that this blog has been up and running for 7 years now, it my not always be active but I wouldn't close it down as it helps me to remember what books I have read and what I thought of them as well as keep in contact with authors :D

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Interview - Alyson Noel 2017

1) In 2014 in our last interview you said that you’ve toyed with the idea of a spin-off for The Immortals and that you left an opening in Everlasting, so that if you had time you’d maybe play around with it and see where it leads! Have you thought anymore about this?
I really enjoyed writing those books and spending time with those characters, so I’d love a chance to revisit that world. Since then, I’ve written 9 books so I haven’t really had enough time to devote to it yet, but it’s definitely something I’m thinking about.

2) Any updates on The Soul Seekers and Fly Me To The Moon coming to the big screen?
Unfortunately, the Fly Me to the Moon option expired, but The Soul Seekers is still moving forward. Last I heard, they were revising the script and hoped to start shooting this winter- fingers crossed!

3) Can we ever expect an Immortals film anytime soon? I’m dying for more Ever and Damon
The Immortals is currently on it’s 3rd option, so here’s hoping this time’s the charm!

4) You posted on Social Media a while back that Saving Zoe was opted for a movie which made me bump it up on my reading list along with Faking 19, I enjoyed Saving Zoe more. Which did you enjoy writing the most?
I can’t say I enjoyed one more than the other, because every book provides a different experience and I take it for what it is. Faking 19 was my first book, and my most autobiographical in a lot of ways. When I wrote Saving Zoe, I was also writing Evermore on the side, and while they were both inspired by grief, the approach I took with those stories was obviously really different. The experience of watching my husband lose his twin brother to pancreatic cancer served as a sort of jumping off point for Saving Zoe, which was about the loss of a sister.   

5) And do you have any Saving Zoe movie updates?
So excited to finally say, Yes!! I visited the Saving Zoe movie set in July, and then attended a screening of the rough cut with the studio/producers in August. It’s beautiful, dark, gritty, heart breaking, thrilling, funny in places, redemptive, and hopeful and I’m so excited for everyone to see it. Real life sisters Vanessa and Laura Marano play my fictional sisters, Zoe and Echo, and they were amazing!

6) Unrivalled has been out for a while now, are you happy with the reviews and feedback?
My publisher sends me the industry reviews, which made my happy. But I don’t really read any other reviews. The good ones, as well as the bad ones, can really mess with your head. I just try to focus on the writing.

7) What research, if any did you do for Unrivalled?
This series didn’t require as much, but since I live in California, every time I went to LA or read a celebrity gossip blog, I called it ‘research.’

8) Apart from book 2 in the Beautiful Idol’s series being released what else do you have for us in 2017?
I just finished the final book in the series, INFAMOUS, which will be out in April 2018, and I also have a new MG, The Bone Thief, in stores on 10.17.17.

9) In 2014 you were taking some time out from writing for the first time since 2005. What did you get up to?
I took an entire year off to travel, relax, and reboot my life. I went somewhere different every month—the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Santa Fe, Mexico, London, Paris, Java, Bali, Hong Kong, Macau, Peru, etc. It was completely amazing and just what I needed. Now I’m back at my desk, dreaming of the day I get to repeat it!  

10) I have just finished reading Kiss and Blog. I was almost in tears, when Winter overheard her best friend Sloane saying mean things about her. Was this a fun story to write?
Like most books, the answer is both yes and no. Writing those hurtful moments are always a bit painful because I put myself in the character’s shoes and try to recall similar incidents from my own past. And yet, getting the chance at a high school do over is always good fun!

11) Now you have finished writing Beautiful Idols, what are you planning on doing? Are you taking some time off, writing another series or writing more stand alones?
At the moment, I’m working on an adult stand-alone, a short story for an anthology, and an unannounced project. All the while, thinking about an Immortals sequel!

12) What do you do to get you in the writing zone? Listen to music, have a tv or radio playing etc..
I light a scented candle, wear a crystal necklace a reader gave me, put on whatever playlist I’ve created for the book, brew some green tea, and get to it!

Thank you for the interview!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Top 10 Tuesday

Ten Books I Loved During The First Year I Started My Blog.

  1. Evernight by Claudia Gray
  2. Wintercraft by Jenna Burtenshaw
  3. Blackwatch by Jenna Burtenshaw
  4. Evermore by Alyson Noel
  5. Blue Moon by Alyson Noel
  6. Shadowland by Alyson Noel
  7. Dark Flame by Alyson Noel
  8. Radiance by Alyson Noel
  9. Facing upto Fatherhood by Miranda Lee
  10. Heat Wave by Richard Castle

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Top 10 Tuesday

Top Ten Books That Were A Chore To Get Through. (Only 5 today)

  1. Macbeth by William Shakespeare
  2. Falling by Cat Clarke
  3. A Breath of Fresh Air by Erica James
  4. Love, Aubrey by Suzanne LaFleur
  5. Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone by J. K. Rowling

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Top 10 Tuesday

This weeks topic is Back To School Freebie: anything "back to school" related I choose 10 books I read in school. (There's only 7 on my list as these are all I could remember)

  1. Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
  2. Macbeth by William Shakespeare
  3. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin
  4. Charlotte's Web by E. B. White
  5. Matilda by Roald Dahl
  6. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl
  7. The Witches by Roald Dahl

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Top 10 Tuesday

So I haven't done one of these in a while so I thought while I'm away I would schedule some so you have something you read.

This weeks top 10 is Ten book recommendations for people who don't normally read YA.

  1. Unforgotten by Jessica Brody
  2. Evermore by Alyson Noel
  3. Evernight Claudia Gray
  4. Doll Bones by Holly Black
  5. Ice Guardian by Erin Maxwell
  6. Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
  7. Heist Society by Ally Carter
  8. The Vampire Stalker by Allison Van Diepen
  9. Die for Me by Amy Plum
  10. The Fallen Star by Jessica Sorensen

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

So 3 years ago when I moved into the flat I filled this bookshelf up with the books I had before I moved and with new ones I'd received over the the three years and now I'm moving I've had to take them all off, my bookshelf is now empty but hopefully the next place I move into has enough room for the second bookshelf that I had to leave at my mums with three shelves full of books.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Temporary Break While I'm Moving

Picture from a google search
I am currently in the process of temporarily moving houses (I'm moving in with the in-laws while we find a new place) and temporarily working full time (the boss wants a holiday) so the blog will be quiet throughout the whole of August and beginning of September. I will still be reading and I will try to post the occasional review when I get free time between house hunting and working and I will be keeping in contact with authors as well as finding new and exciting things so that when I am back in September I will have plenty of reviews to post and hopefully plenty of exciting author and non author related posts.

There are a few things scheduled for between now and when I can get sorted.

When I am back at it properly I will be giving the blog a nice new makeover.

In the meantime I hope you all have a nice summer holiday and you find a lot of nice new books to read.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Share: Freedom by J Grayland

Freedom By J.Grayland is taking romance/suspense to the next level. Readers just can’t put this addictive and captivating book down. Available through Amazon on e-book & Paperback.

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Saturday Review - Check Mate by Ken Fry

Check MateTitle: Check Mate
Author: Ken Fry
Series: N/A
Pages: 58
Release Date: October 29th 2016
Genre: Mystery Suspense Thriller
Source: Author
Format: eBook
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Synopsis: Prentice has an unusual encounter on the road one night, but thinks nothing of it. He has a well planned life, with no place for the unexpected, the uncontrollable. Oh yes, Joe Prentice has everything under control.

Until his wife disappears, and he meets an opponent who knows how to play the game.

Now, Prentice has to learn the hard way... that not everything goes as planned.

My Review: Check Mate was the first Ken Fry book that I have read, I was sent it to review.

I was a little unsure of if I would like it or not as I do not normally read thrillers but I was curious so I decided to give it ago.

Prentice - the main character - did not realize that firing a guy would make him want to get revenge.

The angry ex-employee tries to run Prentice off the road on his way home from work, Prentice then later runs over a cat and this starts off a whole chain of terrible events for him.

That night while watching T.V the power goes out, at first Prentice thinks it's a power cut until he looks out of the window and see's his neighbours still have power, he check's his fuse box only to find the cat he ran over, the cat falls off the fuse box onto his chest.

While cleaning himself up his wife Martha comes out sees it and screams and starts to throw up in the garden. Once clean, Prentice goes back outside and calls out for Martha but she is no where to be seen.

A little while later Prentice receives a call and finds out that his wife has been kidnapped and if he wants her back alive he has to pay a pretty large sum of money which of course he denies having.

Prentice's ex-employee makes his and Martha's life hell, but he makes a big mistake by leaving the phone in the room with Martha which she uses to call her husband, Martha explains that shes being held in a place that he had taken her to before to show him a work place.

Prentice realizes where Martha is being held and he goes to get her, the problem is the guy is waiting for him and they get into a fight.

I did not expect the book to end the way it did but it was a nice twist to a good story.

It was a nice short story and a fun quick read.

Currently Reading: Stargazer by Claudia Gray
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Thursday, July 06, 2017

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Release Blitz: Cover Reveal - James by Cheryl Dragon

 James (Hot Footman Secrets, #1) by Cheryl Dragon
Release Date: June 27, 2017 – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072PXL2Y5/
Genre: M/M Historical Steamy Romance


Retired Colonel Fred Hemley, injured in service, has a plan to help men who prefer other men—both the wealthy and powerful, as well as the servants. He just needs the help of James, a footman fired by Fred’s father, an earl.

A skilled valet and footman, James was caught with another man. James blamed the horror of war for his bad behavior and the earl showed mercy, not turning James over to the police. Free but dismissed with no reference, James has nothing to lose joining Fred in his scheme.

Nothing—except his heart and freedom.

Sizzling Hot Erotic Romance!

A lover of unusual things, Cheryl Dragon enjoys writing unique stories with sinfully hot erotic romance. Her two favorite settings are Las Vegas and New Orleans…where anything can happen! Cheryl lives in the Chicagoland area with her deaf albino cat. By day she analyzes numbers for a division of a large international conglomerate, which leaves the creative juices free for her erotic romance novels. http://www.cheryldragon.com/

Facebook Personal Profile: https://www.facebook.com/cheryldragon 
Facebook Private Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/752998138081518/ 
Facebook Author Page: http://www.facebook.com/cheryldragon

Thomas (Hot Footman Secrets, #2) by Cheryl Dragon
Release Date: July 28, 2017 – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072TZKGWP/
Genre: M/M Historical Erotic Romance


Thomas had left a male brothel to work at Sherrington Park. He never imagined a rich and wild client would track him down in the wilds woods north of England. Thomas had hoped to leave his prior job behind him. What does Chris want? Is it lust, a joke, or more? Luckily another man wants to hire him. A reliable and established older man who seems to be looking for simply a servant.

Chris was the son of a rich businessman who'd survived the war on luck and a smile. Life had been easy until now. He travels for the family business but he wants more. He wants Thomas by his side. Chris might be too late. A titled and handsome older man is trying to hire Thomas away. Chris is ready to fight again--and he'll fight dirty to get what he wants.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Release Blitz: Review - Conflicted by Alice La Roux and M.S. L.R

Title: Conflicted
Author: Alice La Roux and M.S L.R
Release Date:
 June 24th 2017
Genre: Erotica
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Synopsis: Kaleb loves Serena.
Serena loves Kaleb.  But what about Sean and Jen? Three years ago Kaleb and Serena ended their affair, trying to make everyone else happy. But now Kaleb is back in town and this time he's determined to stay. Can he convince Serena that what they have is more than lust? Can this couple move past the secrets and lies to find their second chance? However, Serena and Kaleb aren't the only ones hiding something. In this sexy workplace romance, nothing is ever just black and white.

My Review: *I received this book as an ARC and in return gave my honest review*
Kaleb and Serena met while working together and they started having an affair, they both loved each other but they didn't want to leave their partners.

Kaleb ended their affair by moving away, In the three years they were apart Kaleb and Jen split up and he kept tabs on Serena who stayed with Sean and got engaged.

Kaleb moved back to take charge of a new store that Serena had applied for a job with them not knowing she would be working with Kaleb.

Kaleb makes it his mission to win Serena back by getting her to see what Sean is really like. Sean seems like a nice guy at first everyone loves him and Serena's parents are pushing for them to hurry along with the wedding plans that Serena keeps putting off, but you find out that he isn't the nice guy everyone believes him to be.

Currently Reading: Girl Alone by Cathy Glass
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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Saturday Review - Fire Sentinel by Erin Maxwell

Fire Sentinel (A Sacred Journey Short Story Book 2)Title: Fire Sentinel
Author: Erin Maxwell
 A Sacred Journey A Short Story Book 2
Release Date:
 May 26th 2017
Genre: Fantasy
 Erin Maxwell
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Synopsis: Journeying to the hot, volcanic plains of Qarkuma, Amaya seeks answers from her last journey, on the Ice Queen and the sword. With Cian by her side, she knows she's protected from the dangers within the fire, but it's not Amaya who needs to be protected. Someone else is watching and waiting for the right moment to attack.

My Review: In this second installment of the Sacred Journey Short Story series: Fire Sentinel, Amaya is on her way to Qarkuma with her guardian Cian, they are going to meet with Munzureo. Munzureo is the demon of Fire with knowledge of the sword lost deep in the plains of Palacous, and the Ice Queen herself.

What Munzureo doesn’t know is that Amaya has seen the Ice Queen and her sword and she fears for the swords safety. The only way the evil Nuare is after Munzureo and he pick just the right moment to attack her.

I am really enjoying these Sacred Journey Shorts and I cannot wait for Sacred Journey to finally be released.

Erin has an excellent way of using description to show what is happening, I enjoyed it but I really wished it could have been longer just like the last one.

Currently Reading: Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult
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Release Blitz: Cover Reveal - Conflicted by Alice La Roux & M.S. L.R.

Title: Conflicted
Author: Alice La Roux and M. S. L. R.
Release Date: 24th June
Cover Designer: Emma Louise
Add to your Goodreads: Conflicted

Kaleb loves Serena. Serena loves Kaleb.
But what about Sean and Jen?
Three years ago Kaleb and Serena ended their affair, trying to make everyone else happy.
Now Kaleb is back in town and this time he's determined to stay. He knows what he wants and he isn’t backing down, even if it means playing dirty. Can this couple move past the secrets and lies to find their second chance?
However, they aren't the only ones hiding something. In this sexy workplace romance, nothing is ever just black and white. It’s messy, complicated… conflicted.

About the Authors:
Alice La Roux
Alice La Roux is a dirty minded, mouthy Welsh author with an English literature degree who is still trying to find her genre while dabbling in erotica, fantasy and horror. She’s a bookworm who reads anything and everything and is addicted to social media. Find her on Twitter  or see random pictures of her dog and wine over on Instagram @AliceLaRoux. Feel free to add her on Facebook, she doesn’t bite…much.

M.S. L.R., lived in Los Angeles, California for eight years, then moved to Arkansas and has been living there ever since.  She graduated Springdale High School in 2007. Currently, she has a full time office job and has two boys that keep her busy when she’s not at work or writing romance stories.
She loves to read, write, read and write!
Author M.S. L.R. has also published under Stefany Rattles.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Review - Jessica by Laura DeLuca

JessicaTitle: Jessica
Author: Laura DeLuca
Release Date:
 October 15th 2012
Genre: Horror
 Pagan Writers Press 
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Synopsis: Wilbur was used to going to his college formals alone. He thought the Halloween Ball would be no different. He’s amazed when a beautiful girl in a Victorian costume displays an interest in him and even more amazed to find himself alone with her on one of the campus nature trails.

What Wilbur doesn’t realize is that another woman has her eye on him too. The White Lady returns every Halloween to take revenge on the men of the campus for her brutal murder. She has chosen Wilbur as her next victim.

My Review: Jessica is about a young guy named Wilbur who has gone to all of his college dances alone, but that all changes when he attends his college’s Halloween dance.

When he gets to the dance he meets a lovely young girl named Jessica who is dressed in Victorian clothing.

Jessica and Wilbur leave the party and go for a walk on the college grounds, Wilbur thinks he is going to get lucky but Jessica just wants to talk to Wilbur about the schools legend of The White Lady.

Jessica tells Wilbur about how a young girl was at a college dance where a group of boys attacked The White Lady and killed her and legend has it that The White Lady killed each one of the boys who attacked her.

Wilbur thinks he is going to get lucky, but he ends up falling pry to The White Lady as her newest victim.

The story is only a few pages long but I really wish it was a full length novel as I would like to read more as I feel sorry for The White Lady and would like to read more about her and we don’t get to see if she finally finds peace.

This is a great short read if you are looking for something quick to read.

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Friday, May 26, 2017

Review - Goodnight Sam by Inger Iversen

Goodnight Sam (Running in the Dark, #0.5)Title: Goodnight Sam
Author: Inger Iversen 
 Running in the Dark
Release Date:
 November 18th 2011
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal
 Inger Iversen Books, LLC
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Synopsis: An intimate narrative of the exchange between Samuel and Hope, told from Hope's perspective, this short story prequel to the Running in the Dark series sheds light on a frightening event witnessed by Beth, who later narrates book one of the series.
Goodnight Sam reveals the tragic history of Sam and Hope, who have existed as vampires since the eighteenth century. Sam has grown weary of the new world along with the escalating conflicts of his kind and wishes to attain peace in what is known as 'the true death', while Hope desperately desires to pursue a more fulfilling life together. The repercussions of the shocking mutual decision they make, and Beth's role as a witness to it, become the catalyst for the dangers facing Beth in the Running in the Dark Series

My Review: Goodnight Sam is a very short story about two vampires Sam and Hope told from Hope’s PoV.

Sam and Hope have been vampires since the 18th century and Sam wants to die because he has spent more than three centuries on earth, slightly longer than Hope who doesn’t want him to go because she loves him and doesn’t believe she can go on without him.

The story is a prequel to the Running in the Dark series so it is only a short scene which is full of emotion.

The ending was pretty sad and I probably would have cried if it was a full length novel and I got the chance to connect with the characters a lot more.

This is a great short read for any vampire lovers out there.

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Review - Skin Deep: Zeke by Alice La Roux

Skin Deep: ZekeTitle: Skin Deep: Zeke
Author: Alice La Roux
Release Date:
 February 24th 2017
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Synopsis: Lust. Desire. Pain.
I trade in these things and get paid handsomely for it.
A tattooist.
An artist.
A Dom.
I own you, and I won't let you forget it.

This is a delicious short story about a need that only someone who understands your hunger can satiate. Meet Zeke and his glamourous but guarded client Avalon. The connection they have goes beyond the money she pays him and the proclivities they share, but will she give him a shot outside the studio?

"A tale of tantalizing Eroticism that left me dying to read more. The author combined sensuality with alluring storytelling skills which are sure to leave you yearning" - Sai Marie, author of Simply Scarlet.

Warning: This short story contains adult content and is only suitable for readers 18+

My Review: This isn’t the type of story I would normally read but I read it after receiving it from the author after promoting the book on the blog.

Because this is such a short story this review will be short as I don’t want to spoil it.

The story is about two characters Zeke and Avalon and told from Zeke’s PoV.

Zeke is a tattoo artist and Avalon is one of his customers who will only let Zeke tattoo her.

Zeke and Avalon share a secret, Avalon loves pain and Zeke like to deal it to her.

The story is written fantastically especially for a debut story and I cant wait to read the next one.

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Review - Echo of Fear by Tara Meyers

Echo of Fear (The Chris Echo Files Book 1)Title: Echo of Fear
Author: Tara Meyers
 The Chris Echo Files
Release Date:
 February 27th 2017
Genre: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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Synopsis: Chris Echo, a CSI profiler, is forced to go on vacation after struggling to rebound from an officer-involved shooting. Playing vacationer isn’t her thing but the small, private island in the south pacific might be just what she needs.

Kyle Stone has been undercover for too long. With his goal in sight, he’s caught in a storm during his final mission and washed ashore the remote island. When the unsuspecting guests are taken hostage, he can either break cover to save them, or rely on his emotionless state to see him through.

Each of the visitors to the island arrives harboring their own, private fears. Fear of trusting, of letting go, of needing, and of love. They’re about to confront the ultimate fear of all, a struggle for life and death. But in the midst of the turmoil, Chris comes to realize that perhaps death isn’t her greatest challenge … it’s allowing herself to live

My Review: This is the first book in the Chris Echo Files series and it’s a none stop action packed mystery that kept me hooked from the start even with the two different PoV’s.

Chris Echo is on a forced break from being a profiler for the CSI after having to shoot a murderer what broke into her home after she had been hunting him for a while.

After getting to the island where there’s no WIFI or phone reception, Chris goes on a hike on one of the islands trails with one of the resort employees. The trail reminds her of the trail near her home that she runs on.

At lunch all the resort guests learn that the beautiful island is about to be hit by a hurricane so the resort owners suggest that everyone stay’s in the main house instead of their cabin which is a good suggestion when the hurricane gets upgraded to a catagory 2 and hits the island.

While the guests are taking shelter in the main house Kyle an undercover agent tried to get the guerrillas to call off their smuggling deal because of the storm but the leader doesn’t want to listen to Kyle. Kyle and the guerrillas get stranded on the boat which ends up getting capsized and they wash up on the resort beach.

The leader takes the guests hostage in the main house where Chris and Kyle who don’t know each other’s real jobs try to keep everyone safe and alive after the mob leader shoots one of the guest.

After Kyle is made to help another mob member search the guest cabins Kyle finds out who Chris really is and he keeps it secret and manages to get Chris to help him keep everyone safe and take down the guerrillas.

Echo of Fear is great and I am looking forward to reading more in this series.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Review - Kiss & Blog by Alyson Noel

Kiss & BlogTitle: Kiss and Blog
Author: Alyson Noel
Series: N/A
Pages: 240
Release Date: May 15th 2007
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Source: Amazon
Format: Paperback
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Synopsis: What's the best revenge when your best friend ditches you for the popular crowd? Alyson Noël reveals all in her hot new young adult novel, Kiss & Blog.

As freshmen at Ocean High last year, Winter and her best friend Sloane thought they could ditch their nerdy past, launching from invisible to cool. But after another miserable year of standing on the sidelines they make a pact to do whatever it takes not to go unnoticed in their sophomore year, promising each other that whoever makes it into the cool group first will bring the other along.

One Sloane gets a taste of life on the A-list, she slams that door in Winter's face. Suddenly cast out of her former best friend's life, Winter takes revenge the modern way: by announcing all of Sloane's dirty little secrets on an anonymous blog. Then the blog becomes more popular than she ever dreamed and Winter must decide if her retaliation is really worth the consequences—and if the price for popularity is one she's willing to pay. Once again, Alyson Noël navigates the tricky waters of the high school social scene with the heart and humor her readers have come to love.

My Review: Winter and Sloane are best friends and have been forever, they have spent the whole summer planning their first day of Sophomore year. They planned their outfits, make up, made up a new cheer and routine to go with it and made a promise to each other that if one made it to the top of the popular food chain they would take the other one with them.

Unfortunately for Winter this doesn’t happen and she is left behind like yesterday’s rubbish. Winter realises that the popular girls are fakes and two-faced but Sloane doesn’t seem to realise this and she manages to make it to the top.

I couldn’t put this book down, Alyson made the characters come to life. It reminds me of when I was at High School, two-faced friends who only want to know you when they want something from you.

Winter’s dad is famous kind of, and he is divorced from Winter’s mum, he lives a plane journey away, so when things go really wrong at school with Sloane, Winter skips school and hops on a plane to get away, using the plane ticket that her dad has sent her.

While Winter is at her dads she meets a boy and they hang out and she really starts to come out of her shell.

Winter gets an idea from her new friends to start a blog and she decides to use it to take out all her frustration with Sloane, she makes up a code name for everyone She goes by ‘Eleanor Rigby’, Sloane is named ‘Princess Pink’ and the popular crowd are called the ‘Pastel Posse’. Winter uses the blog to tell everyone all of Sloane’s secrets from her kissing her own cousin twice that’s right not once but twice, to sending her junior high principal an inappropriate  valentine’s day present.

Winter falls in love with a boy her mum hires to cover Winters shifts in her mums shop, they have a few ups and down but which couple don’t.

Winter’s dad tells Winter that he has been asked to do a reality show that he wants her and her sister to be a part of, when Sloane finds out about this she starts being nice to Winter until one day when Winter is hiding out in the back of her mums shop she overhears Sloane talking with the ‘Pastel Posse’ about how she is using Winter to get on her dads show.

Sloane ends up getting dumped by the popular crowd and is on the bottom of the schools social food chain while Winter has new friends and a nice boyfriend.

I really wish Winter would have stood up to Sloane and told her she knew she was a fake and wanted nothing to do with her.

This book is a definite read especially if you’re a huge YA fan and Alyson Noel fan.

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Review - Spy Society by Robin Benway

Spy SocietyTitle: Spy Society
Author: Robin Benway
 Also Known As
Release Date:
 June 18th 2013
Genre: Young Adult
 Simon and Schuster
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Synopsis: Being a 16-year-old safecracker and active-duty daughter of international spies has its moments, good and bad. Pros: Seeing the world one crime-solving adventure at a time. Having parents with super cool jobs. Cons: Never staying in one place long enough to have friends or a boyfriend. But for Maggie Silver, the biggest perk of all has been avoiding high school and the accompanying cliques, bad lunches, and frustratingly simple locker combinations.

Then Maggie and her parents are sent to New York for her first solo assignment, and all of that changes. She'll need to attend a private school, avoid the temptation to hack the school's security system, and befriend one aggravatingly cute Jesse Oliver to gain the essential information she needs to crack the case . . . all while trying not to blow her cover.

My Review: Maggie is a 16 year old safe cracker, her parent’s work for a group called ‘The Collective’, the group give out assignments and try to stop the outside world finding out about them.

Maggie is good at her job, the only downside is they are always moving, she doesn’t attend school and she has no friends, her life is boring.

Spy Society had me laughing a lot, Maggie is great, witty and a super safe cracker.

Maggie is home schooled as she travels the world while her parents complete assignments. Maggie is bored because it is the summer holidays and she is stuck at home while her parents are working a case in Iceland, she wants a case of her own.

When Maggie finally gets a case of her own, she to attend high school and get close to a real boy not one she day dreams about.

Her mission is simple, get close to Jessie Oliver and retrieve a file that his dad has that will expose ‘The Collective’.

Maggie has no experience of being and acting like a normal teenager so she makes errors plus high school is terrifying, her parents are in for a massive shock when their baby girl starts high school.

Maggie becomes friends with an awesome girl named Roux. Roux likes to get drunk because her parents are never home they never know she’s always drunk, Roux also loves to have fun, the only problem is everyone at school hates her.

One of the best things about the story is that Maggie doesn’t fall instantly in love with Jessie Oliver.

While at a Halloween party at Jessie’s house Maggie manages to lift the file but she later finds out that there is a double agent in ‘The Collective’ and she enlists help from Jessie and Roux to expose them.

If you love spy stories then Spy Society is a good quick, fun read.

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